Saturday, July 24, 2010

I have a job!

No pictures yet, no posts about sewing or family, but... I have a job! Finally! Eighth grade literacy at a middle school just a few miles from my house. I only had a half-hour phone interview with the principal while he was out of town, and sent him my resume, recommendations, etc. and... he hired me! I'll be getting contract information by email soonish, and will probably go for new teacher orientation around the 14th of August.

School starts (with kids) in less than a month!!!!!!! I'm kind of feeling like "Now what??" but... I'll figure it out. This is what I've wanted and worked for basically my whole life and now it's finally here. I'm excited, terrified, grateful.... And I'll keep you posted!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I have many things to tell you about and many pictures to show you to illustrate the stories, but *deep breath* my computer got a virus of doom a couple weeks ago and Matt had to wipe it so I had to reinstall every-bloody-thing and haven't put GIMP (photo editing software) back on yet so I can't resize the photos to upload them to post them here and tell you all the wonderful stories! (I didn't lose anything from my computer, thankfully.)

I will only say that the reunion weekend was so much fun, that I've been sewing a ton of stuff (mostly out of sheets from Goodwill), work is still pretty good, and I have jury duty tomorrow.

What about you? What has your summer been bringing you? What have you been bringing to it?