Sunday, September 23, 2012


A November sunset (taken somewhere around 2003-05)

Autumn on (the college) campus (taken somewhere around 2003-05)

I'm looking forward to:

-yellow fluttering leaves
-scarves, hats, armwarmers (all knit by me)
-apple cider
-knee socks and tights*
-hot chocolate at any hour of the day or night
-the smell of frost in the morning
-the general feeling of coziness and wanting to stay indoors
-being toasty warm under lots of layers with just my face cold in the air
-making soup
-reading spooky things**
-colors: brown, pumpkin, moss, candy apple, gold, grey, cream
-blankets--more on the bed and snuggled up on the couch

 *I have an awesome collection of both
**I just finished a graphic novel of Frankenstein and am going to read/re-read some Edgar Allan Poe short stories