Friday, June 03, 2011

Luxury Camping

It's a good thing I didn't discover before school was out! I think I've spent two or three hours there a day for the last three days! The first day, I kept finding pictures of beautiful makeshift tents--you know, blankets, pillows, a few dining room chairs, maybe the sofa, maybe a clothesline. They looked so lovely and cozy!


I love the bike used in this one!



Well, yesterday I made my own, and spent most of the day inside it.

There's an antique pink chenille bedspread over the ironing board and two chairs, and a quilt top given to me through a friend of a friend stretched over to the sofa.

Tea (green jasmine) and scones (homemade lemon cranberry), The Thief Lord, and Marie Antoinette on the laptop. Not all at once, of course.

I put a lamp inside at night. I love how it looks all lit up!

Sune really liked it.

I highly recommend making your own luxury tent on your next day off! With a couple of folded-up blankets on top of the rug, plenty of pillows, a lap desk for the computer, and a roll-out bamboo mat to set tea and such on, it was perfect! Make it extra special by using the "good" dishes and a fancy tea cup; I did!

P.S. If this looks weird, is hard to read, or isn't working because you read it as an RSS feed, please leave me a comment. I'm trying uploading photos through Blogger....

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