Tuesday, July 05, 2011

New Hair

If you know me at all, you probably won't be surprised by what you're about to see. I got my hair cut quite short again (it was still short, but it had grown out for nearly three months), then made another change.

Bleach on

(I look like I belong in an anime....)

Purple hair!
This is how I usually wear my hair.

It's not very very purple. It actually turned out almost black, and is only purple in certain lights or at certain angles. Maybe as I wash it and it fades a little, it'll be lighter and more noticeable.

Sometimes I wear my hair like this.

Thanks, Mom, for being my hairdresser! I don't have to look like a teacher for another month and a half, so why not, right? I love it!


sarahgrace said...

Way cool, Heather! That haircut totally suits you- you like a high-fashion model. :-)

sarahgrace said...

Whoops- you *look like...

Making Megan said...

you are always comming up with a new look! You are a camelion!