Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mad Men

Last night I dreamed about two mad men. One with a blue box, one on a ship.

At first, The Doctor (Tenth) was with a bunch of people trying to get them to safety. It was like I was there among them, but also watching the show, like you do in dreams. There was an awful lot of running involved... seriously, a lot. He had on his blue suit and red Converse, my favorite look for him. (No coat, though.) I don't remember much else than that.

Then, the way dreams do, things changed a little and The Doctor was suddenly Captain Jack Sparrow. His is a somewhat different style of running, but now we/they were fleeing a big building, a great big old hotel. I think it was burning down or being attacked or something? We ended up on the beach between the sea grass that led up to the hotel and the waves. It was night.

That was all, really. Two of my favorite fictional characters, two of my heroes. Both quite mad. Brilliant at times, but very, very daft at others. (Texting and scones.) And since there was really no point to this post at all, here are two videos about my darlings running.

Captain Jack Sparrow's signature panicked run:

And a whole song about how much running is involved for The Doctor's companion:


Cherry Odelberg said...

Good gracious! Texting AND scones?

Heather In Progress said...

Cherry, I added a link to "Texting and scones." The Doctor is trying to be helpful, but just ends up being extremely awkward instead. I love it.