Monday, January 14, 2013

100 words #5

I chose 7 adjectives and 7 nouns at random from the dictionary. I matched up one of each for seven days. Each day for a week, I will write a 100-word story using and/or inspired by (loosely or closely) each word pair.

adjective – southernmost: farthest south
noun – lira: a monetary unit of Italy, Turkey, Israel, Malta, etc. either currently or in the past

-ramen, one case
-tortillas, 12-pack, burrito size
-peanut butter (store brand)
-jelly (store brand)
-bread (white, store brand, day-old shelf if possible)
-bag rice
-bag kidney beans
-hot dogs (regular, not all beef)
-ketchup (packets from McDonald’s on the way out)
-toilet paper (six-pack only)
-cat food

The cat doesn’t know how to eat less. She wouldn’t know why she was going hungry. It’s all right. The electric bill can be another week late until I get my paycheck so we can pay the phone bill.

This is the lowest our bank account has ever been. Happy New Year.