Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Letters

(Borrowed from Jen, who borrowed it from someone else....)

Dear People Who Make Paint,
Could one of you invent paint that only takes one coat for full and complete coverage? That would be really swell, thanks.

Dear Ibuprophen,
Feel free to kick in any time now.

Dear Winter Break,
I would be much obliged if you would slow down a bit. I've had about four days of doing nothing, and would like maybe four more, but with home projects and playing catch-up, my prospects are not looking good. So if you could throw a few more days in there, I'd really appreciate it.

Dear Christmas Dinner,
Thank you for turning out so well! I was quite pleased with the outcome, as were my guests.

Dear Sune-puppy,
Thank you for being my comic relief. I am enjoying spending days at home with you, and I think you are enjoying the lap provided when I watch movies.

Dear Husband,
Thank you for all your love and support the past two semesters (and always), and especially the last few weeks through all this holiday and house issues hoopla. I heart you.

Dear Mister Heater,
Don't ever break and flood the upstairs bedroom again, or else.


cherry said...

brief. succienct. well said.

Making Megan said...

these are so funny! I love them!!! It is like some of the letters from "Post Secret".
You should write these all the time and make a book!