Friday, May 21, 2010

8 Things Friday

1. I've had a terrible cold the last few days.

2. I'm finally feeling better!

3. I know this because I want coffee again, and it never sounds good when I'm sick.

4. The coffee I make has been gross lately.

5. Is it just old, or do I need to clean out my coffee maker, or what? How does one clean out the coffee maker?

6. I'm having a tea party at my house with my best friend tonight.

7. Because she is moving to TEXAS in a few weeks! Wahhhhhhhhhh!

8. I guess I better get to school. Three more days after today!


Danielle Louise said...

To clean your coffee maker, run vinegar through it and then run a whole lot of water through it to make sure the vinegar is gone. If the water is hard in your area, that'll probably help a lot.

alw_ays said...

What she said.

My first thought was "ice and salt, vinegar and baking soda" but oh yeah that was how to clean the garbage disposal.

Coffee maker > garbage disposal.