Monday, May 17, 2010

Update letter

Dear Reader,

I have 8 days of school left. EIGHT! My duties are now those of a glorified student aide, which is honestly just fine with me. I'm making copies, cleaning, organizing, and getting portfolios of the students' work together.

I had an interview last week, but as I haven't heard back, probably didn't get the job. There's nothing more I can do, job-wise, but wait for calls for interviews. Pray!

I train for my summer job next week, and start June 1st. I'll be working at a daycare run through the city rec center. I think it'll be fun!

We still have not started our garden. Does anyone in town have a tiller they'd like to loan us for a day?

I appreciate that you're still reading this, although it's been a month (exactly) since my last really dinky post. Hopefully I'll have lovely things to write about here all summer.

How have YOU been? What are your summer plans? Are you going anywhere exciting? Anywhere boring? What kind of books do you think you'll read? Will you lie out in the sun? Take the dog for walks? Sleep until noon? Get up early and accomplish many things? I miss youuuuuuu!



sarahgrace said...

I've been good, thanks for asking! ;-)
We plan to get out and enjoy the sun and our surrounding area as much as possible this summer- going on hikes, riding bikes, and just chillin' in the front lawn while the kids ride their scooters around the cul-de-sac. I'll still probably still be reading books purely for entertainment value. (Have you read "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo"?) And if I ever get to sleep in till noon... well... in all reality, that will never happen! Ha ha ha!
Congrats on being almost finished! I'll be praying that you get a great job too!

alw_ays said...

I'm hosting a one-room-schoolhouse summer school for 11 kids: 3 Kindergartners, 3 3rd graders, 2 4th graders, 1 6th grader 1 8th grader and 1 10th grader. One day a week for 3 hours. I've already gotten my curriculum written. Am I crazy? Probably.