Friday, April 17, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. How is it Friday already? Seriously! It feels like it was JUST Easter Sunday, cold and cloudy and windy so all the lovely people in their lovely fancy Easter clothes froze their buns off. That we were just eating ham and potatoes au gratin and rolls. That we were just playing dominoes after dinner and... well, why don't I just show you?

2. Easter:


Mom with the Easter Bunny, and a yellow layer cake with chopped pecans in it, pudding between the layers, and frosting with coconut, all topped with Peeps.

And the traditional ending to any holiday with my family.

3. I made cupcakes last Friday (I think?) and brought some decorated ones to my friend's house last Saturday night.


Mmmmm, Peeps. (Yes, the cupcakes are green. I wanted a white cake, but why should it stay white? No reason I can think of.)

4. More baking! I made this pizza dough in the morning before work last week sometime. (The dough rose considerably in the fridge all day, but I punched it down and it turned out just fine. I think it would make amazing garlic bread, too!) I also cooked the sausage, made the sauce, and chopped the olives so I could just throw it together when I got home from work that night!




It was pretty wonderful, if I say so myself. Excellent crust! The sauce was a little salty, but practice makes perfect. Definitely something I'll be making again.

5. The Easter Bunny FORGOT ME even though he remembered Matt! (Matt got a package of Peeps, a thing of Orange Tic-Tacs, a chocolate bunny with the ears bitten off, as per tradition, and the graphic novel of Watchmen.) So my LATE present from the Easter Bunny was an album from itunes, and I picked ABBA Gold! :D Good house-cleaning music!

6. Speaking of house-cleaning, I'm getting better with the "Do It Now" philosophy. Everything I have already deep-cleaned (which isn't much, but some is better than nothing) is staying clean because when I stand up from the couch, I also grab my trash/bowl/coffee mug/papers and take care of it, whether that's throwing it away, loading it in the dishwasher, or putting it back on my desk. If I'm already in the kitchen, I quickly unload the drying rack and wash the couple things that are in the sink. If I'm going into the bedroom, I grab a pair of shoes on the floor near the table and put them in the closet. Granted, every area I haven't deep-cleaned is still a disaster, but one thing at a time, like I always say. Bit by bit, each surface will be clean, a new slate, and then I will keep it clean.

Along the same lines, I cleaned out my closet, dresser, and the Scary Pile of Clothes lying on the trunk in the bedroom, and gave a big box and a very full trash bag of clothes to a friend's teenage daughter. (The very little she didn't take, I took to Goodwill, which is when I locked my keys in the car while it was running. Fun times.) And the Scary Pile of Clothes has been organized and put away; all I need to do is hang up the "hang it up" pile and I will be able to maybe, actually, SIT on top of that trunk, or even STORE things inside it and be able to get to them!

7. The company picnic I've helped organize is on Sunday. I didn't think to request the time off because the manager that makes the schedules knows who is on the committee that plans these things and I figured she would give us all that day, or at least that afternoon, off. Nope! That would make too much sense, I guess. The picnic is about 1-8pm, and I work 10-6:30. *SIGH* But Matt and I will go for a while. Have a hamburger, enter my mom's fabulous cheesecake brownies into the dessert contest... hopefully not get snowed on... You never know, this time of year.

8. Crafting news: I made another inch or so of progress on Beehive Baby Hat #2. Still no leaf on the second Leafy Hat. Haven't sewn in forever. I don't know if I'll ever have a day off again when I'm not shopping, cooking, doing laundry, dishes, etc. etc. etc. Someday, maybe!


knicholson said...

For cleaning help try Really has helped me tackle the house a little at a time.

Making Megan said...

Way to go on the cleaning!!! I try to get in that mode, but it is sooo easy to just leave everything. Sad that Matt forgot to give you an actual Easter present, but Im glad you got a belated one!!! I love ABBA!!!
Your pizza looked delicious.
Very hungry.
Not helping.