Friday, June 19, 2009

8 Things Friday - Topical Version

1. New: I need a new, more summery header for the blog. I also need a new picture of me in the sidebar, since I've had bangs for three months and have not taken a decent picture of myself since we had that one done in December.

2. School: It is still here, oh yes it is.

3. House: Financial stuff is falling into place, and we have our top three choices! We want Matt's Dad and my mom to look at them if at all possible to get a couple other opinions from people who have done this before, and of course everything will take a really long time, but it looks like we could actually be in a new house by the end of the summer! (I forgot my camera when we went house-shopping on Tuesday, but was too busy looking and writing notes to take pics anyway, sorry.)

4. Health: I have been doing pretty well eating more fruits and vegetables lately. When we're out of fresh fruit, I often have canned in the house, and we always have orange juice and milk. I'm proud of myself! :)

5. Work: I'm starting part-time hours after next week. Whew! I'm going to work no more than 3 days a week, though they'll be long shifts so I get a decent amount of hours. That will give me a few days to JUST do school (hopefully take my laptop to the library, which I haven't done since the first week of school), and a day or two to do house stuff/errands. I think this will work out MUCH better.

6. Crafts: There have been none, and this is sad. At Weekly Fiber on Wednesday, I did start making some plastic bag yarn (which is just what it sounds like) and attempted to finger-crochet a piece of "fabric" to turn into, perhaps, a shopping bag, so we'll see how that goes.

7. Summer: I'm not going to say anything about the weather today so I don't jinx it.

8. Happy Father's Day on Sunday! What are you doing for/with your dad this weekend? Matt and I are going to my parents' house for a bbq with Matt's parents and my grandparents, which will be nice. Unfortunately we have to be back for my meeting at work (another one!) that night at 8:30, but at least we'll see everyone for a few hours.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my SIL (the one in Boulder) just took a class of some sort that does some great thing for first time home buyers where you don't have all of the fees like mortgage insurance and can put down like 3% or something... do you want me to find out the details for you? She said it was a 2 hour class and it's for CO residents only..... let me know :)

Heather In Progress said...

We do know about that, and will probably take it online. Thank you, though! :)

alw_ays said...

1:I like Heather in Progress!
3:Don't forget a Housewarming Party! for produce
8:More BBQ: Smoked Fresh Chuck and Ribs

Anonymous said...

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