Friday, June 26, 2009

8 Things Friday

Quick post before the day begins.

1. New header! Go look, if you read this through RSS! (Or, you know, don't. It's not that wonderful, it's just not the same one I've had for the past three or four months.)

2. We're going to look at our new house again today! :) And take pictures, and measure things, and imagine where to put everything, and what colors we want to paint, and lots of other stuff! My mom and grandma are coming, and Matt's dad is coming, too. He's an engineer and has built lots of houses, and supervised the building of lots of houses, so he'll do a sort of pre-inspection-inspection. Mom and Grandma just want to see it! If I can, I'll put pictures of the place up early next week. If not, you'll see them in the next 8 Things Friday post.

3. So, Michael Jackson died yesterday. I'm not particularly sad, though I'm sad for his family. It's not like he was this great, charitable, kind person or anything. It's just kind of weird to think about. His Wikipedia page is already all in past tense. I know Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett died the same way, but they're from a different generation, so I don't even know what to think about them.

4. We're off for the weekend to help friends move, and celebrate a birthday while we're at it. It's pouring rain here, so hopefully the weather will be nicer by tomorrow, since the birthday party is a cookout in the park!

5. I need to find out when I can buy tickets for the midnight release of the Harry Potter movie, and when/if they're letting (making?) us camp out like they did for the last one. Please, won't someone in town go with me? Both my HP friends moved far far away and I neeeeed to keep going to the midnight releases! Who wants to hang out all day Friday, the 10th (I think) and read books and play games and chat and be silly, then stay up ridiculously late to watch a really freakin' awesome movie? I know you do!!! Let me know!

6. I had some cantalope for breakfast. Yummmm. Speaking of fruit, this smoothie recipe looks intriguing, but I don't think throwing cantalope in there would be too delicious. Maybe when I get some strawberries again, and toss a banana in, too.

7. Since Mom closed the tea parlour, she gave me all the vintage gloves and hats she had for people to wear if they wanted to dress up for a high tea or a birthday party. With the gloves I already had, I have something like 20 pair now! And that's after making myself give up three pair. (Along with a few of the hats I didn't love, they'll serve in a trade at the vintage shop downtown that I like, so maybe I'll get a new dress or something!) I also have about 8 vintage hats from about the 60s. I don't think I'll wear them very often, but they will look super cute hanging on the wall in my sewing room in the new house!

8. Yes, sewing room! Instead of making the downstairs bedroom into a tv/game room, we're just going to keep the tv and stuff in the living room, put Matt's computer in the loft area upstairs, and I will take over the downstairs bedroom with my crafty stuff! This will also finally give me a place to hang all my vintage (and non-vintage) aprons! (Instead of in the kitchen, which has a new theme: sushi!)

Off I go!


Danielle Louise said...

Your header is super-cute! You're so pretty and vintage-y! And I've been seeing that cupcake fabric everywhere lately, I think I might need to acquire some...

Anonymous said...

Everything Danielle said plus Yay! Movie 6 and Yay! Sewing room.

Seriously...I might have to copy your header don't mind right? Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?! :)

sarahgrace said...

I like your new header! Very summer-ee.

And I would totally be there for the midnight showing of Harry Potter, were it not for my many "responsibilities", I'll call them. ;-) That being said, do all the fun stuff like that while you still can!