Friday, August 21, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. It's been a little while since I've done one of these! Over a month, actually; not since July 17th. I'm hoping to get back into it now that I'm more on a schedule.

2. Didja see the new banner? I think it's very fitting to where I am in my life right now. (Actually if I was being more accurate, it would also have a picture of the college, the middle school, and a huge stack of books and homework, but I thought three pictures was enough.)

3. I'm finally learning where all the light switches in this house are, and which lights they turn on. For the living room, the stairway, and the loft, there are two each, which is helpful, but was also a little confusing. And so far I haven't turned on the garbage disposal when I meant to get the kitchen light, so that's good.

4. This has been a long, long week, but at the same time, it's flown by! I've done SO MUCH, and I'm SO TIRED in the evenings even with going to bed early (since I wake up at freakin 5:20am). I'm going to enjoy my college classes, and all but one are Tuesday-Thursday, which I like. There are only two classes a week, but longer ones so it seems I get more out of them; also, more days in between (on the weekends) to do homework! I have a 1-hour class on Wednesdays only because it's the content part (English) of my "Methodology Practicum" class. There's also "Integrating Literacy in the Classroom," and "Teaching Speech and Drama" (which is taught by one of the drama profs, and is therefore wacky and different from a "normal" class).

5. Kitsune had her first bath (from me) the other night.

Kitsune's first bath

It was a very sad, sad thing.

Kitsune in a towel

She shivered and was generally a total Pomhuahua. (Pomeranian+Chihuahua=Pomhuahua.)

However, after the bath when she was all fluffy and slightly damp, she went CRAZY! She ran laps around the coffee table, panting, and she chased the heck out of her tail! I laughed so hard and so long my stomach was sore!

6. This is all out of order, but as I said (and will be saying for the next year), I'm tired. Here is my "first day of student teaching" outfit:

1st day of student teaching

The curious doggie was not part of the look, though I think it really adds a little extra something.

7. 7th-graders are INSANE. I swear. They're crazy and funny and gross and silly and immature, and their little brains do not quite work the way adults' do. Something that seems so simple (fill out this worksheet about where stuff is in your geography book) is really NOT. It takes 45 minutes and still only a few kids out of 25 get it all the way done because of all the "I don't know"s and the screwing around. I knew this already, but I didn't really know it. Now I do.

8. I'm not whining, I'm really not. I wasn't actually that frustrated at them today, it was just... a learning experience. They can't help it; they're twelve years old! It's not like they go to school every day thinking, "I'm going to be really difficult, and not follow instructions, and not listen to anything in order to annoy the crud out of my teachers." They're just... twelve years old. They're still trying to turn into real people and they don't think about things like getting their pencils from their lockers, or staying in their seat for a whole hour, or putting their names on their papers.

But they're amazing kids. Just reading through some of the "All About Me" papers (just what it sounds like, but for the teachers only, and it's also used as a writing assessment to see where everyone is at) was so cool. Friends are very important to the girls; food is very important to the boys. Pets are important to everyone. It was interesting to read their descriptions of their families; how they said their parents were divorced, how they told about their siblings. I'm looking forward to reading them all, if I can.



Making Megan said...

hehehe, your dog looked so funny. :P I wish I was there. Squirt does the same thing. Gets really still during bath time, shakes while he is rinsed off, and then dashes around the yard. I think it is a little dog thing.
Congrats on your first day of school!!! Did you see Kara? If it makes you feel anybetter, I think ALL 12 year olds are like that. (Except us, we were perfect.)

mikkers said...

the first time we gave maxie a bath she was so shaky and trembly that it was terribly pathetic. however, now she is used to it and absolutely LOVE the bath. When we take showers its a battle to get out of the shower while stick a leg out to not let her in! And after every bath she is always SO SO hyper! Running around and bumping into everything, even after she is exhausted from the dog park. so it must be a dog thing!

on a different topic, huzzah for the first day of school! I wouldnt say that if i was actually attending it as a student, but as a teacher then yes!