Thursday, August 06, 2009


I'm back! I'm here! Home, my very own home! It's full of boxes and bags of STUFF (man, we have a lot of stuff) but it is ours.

San Diego was great! I'll make a post soonish with lots of pictures and tell you all about it. I got a ton of stuff from the swap meet and various thrift stores, and great memories with my mom.

We are all moved in, totally and completely. The carpets in the old apartment have been cleaned, and we turned in our keys. Hopefully we'll get our deposit back soon. :)

There is a scratch on the inside of this mug that looks just like a smiley face. =) Like that.

My head is full of so many things right now (one of them being caffienated iced tea) that I'm a little ADD.

Off to visit family for the weekend; it's my grandma's birthday, and my mom's two sisters are coming out as well. Monday is new teacher orientation, as is Tuesday, then Wednesday starts the teacher work days. By the 19th, I will be with students in "my" classroom! AAAAAAAAAAAACK!

I mean YAAAAAAAAY! Yes, that's what I meant.


mikkers said...

welcome back! I anxiously await photos!!

cher said...

Welcome back and congrats on being in the new house