Thursday, June 03, 2010

Another speed update

1. My summer job at the day camp has been interesting, trying at times, exhausting (running around, playing basketball, kickball, sitting on the floor, breaking up fights, soothing fit-throwers), and generally all right. Fun and nice, at times. Hopefully we'll all (counselors and kids) settle into a rhythm soon and get along just fine.

2. On that note, if you have any kid crafts and/or games, tell me all about them! We have themed weeks, and coming up is Summer Olympics and Environment Awareness. Of course, not all the crafts and games have to go with the theme. Our youngest is 6 and our oldest is 11. It's hard to find stuff the little ones can do that won't bore the older ones!

3. The backyard is tilled, but still just dirt. If we ever have money again, we really need to get sod and sprinklers set up. Stupid not having money.

4. My grandparents found me a queen size bed frame for FREE! I have enough bins and crates from a retiring teacher that I can stack up with a tablecloth over them for a nightstand. I got a lamp from my mom. Once I clear up the last of the classroom stuff I'm storing there, the guest room should be quite nice! :)

5. This is all I have time for right now! Off to work.

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