Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I took pictures!

With a real camera, even, not just my phone!

This is to show the progress of my tan. It's more pronounced than this, really, so to help you see it I outlined the white parts on my right foot with purple. And yes, I'm putting on sunscreen every day.

Yesterday afternoon, I wanted a little decaf coffee and decided to make it nice. I got out one of the lovely tea cups I have and my nice sugar and creamer. (Sugar cubes, even!) Unfortunately I didn't have anything nice to put the coffee in (and didn't want to wash my tea pot) so it stayed in the ugly coffee pot. All of this on a tray next to me on the loveseat, plus the first Lord of the Rings book, made for a pleasant half hour. I totally understand why people used to take afternoon tea. (By the way, one sugar cube makes that size of a cup of coffee exactly sweet enough.)

They played Mary Poppins (the movie) at the old downtown theater last night and I went with a friend from my old writers' group. At first, I thought of dressing up as a character, but decided to go a little steampunk instead. I've had the shirt and purse so long I don't remember where they came from; the shoes and knickers are from Goodwill and the hat from the dollar store a few years ago. I got the suspenders on clearance at Claire's, the socks from... somewhere (they're cabled!) and I'm wearing Bernice's locket, if any of you remember her. Around one wrist is a "leather" bracelet with a gold ring in the middle, and on the other I wrapped around a length of leather used for a necklace. You can sort of see the leather gloves sticking out of the front pocket of my purse, and I tied on three ollllld keys with a bit of hemp string. It was fun to dress up like this, since I haven't in... forever... and it was great to see the movie in a theater: to hear little kids laugh at the silly parts, everyone crack up at the ceiling tea party, and then clap at the end of the movie.


Danielle Louise said...

I love your cute little coffee setup! Nothing like pampering yourself for a bit. :)

Your Mary Poppins outfit reminds me a bit of the chimney sweeps, I think it's very appropriate!

Making Megan said...

You're dressing up and having tea with out me!!?!?!? How DARE you!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the knickers. I have to see them next time I am there.