Monday, June 07, 2010

Some Things I Have Been Doing Lately

taking walks

making scones

mopping the floor

playing fetch with the doggie

buying stuff at a yard sale for my classroom

buying stuff at a yard sale for a friend who gave me money with that express purpose, because she knows I'm so good at it

riding my new bike to work (about a mile) and just around a little

(Her name is Mabel)

reading The Fellowship of the Ring

doing Wii Fit yoga, strength, and balance (I get enough cardio at work!)

going to knitting at a coffee shop (and mostly talking with a little knitting)

being on Facebook

crocheting this collar

typing letters on my typewriter

watching the new Joshua Danger video

(I know some of the people who made this! When they are super-famous I will say I knew them when....)

sleeping in a little


having a weird, slightly scary dream about icky aliens

going out to dinner with my husband (we had a coupon!)

going to a birthday party and managing somehow to match my outfit to the wrapping to the present itself:

wishing I could sew

not wanting to clean the sewing table off

sweating a lot (at least 100 degrees for the high today!)

What are some things you have been doing lately?


alw_ays said...

109 two days ago. I don't even want to know what it was yesterday.

Making Megan said...

Boy, you have been busy miss!!! I have just been trying to unpack, find my way around town, and getting to know the neighbors. (Key word, "trying".)That video was so funny! Totally made my day!!!