Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 Things

Because I want to start blogging more, but because I have very little to blog about:

1. Last night I came to bed after Matt, but lay there awake for quite a while listening to the ticking of a clock. It was LOUD. Tick. Tick. Tick. It sounded like it was coming from our front porch! (Our bedroom window was open for air, and I could hear it through the window.) Finally I couldn't stand it anymore so I got up to stand in the living room. No, it wasn't the living room clock. I opened the front door, keeping in mind that a friend said she might drop something off on my doorstep. I didn't know what the "something" could be, and thought "Good grief, what if it's a clock?"

Nope, nothing out there. It seemed to be coming from our downstairs neighbor's open window! LOUD! It was even louder on the porch!

I got back into bed and Matt sort of huffed and rolled over. "Are you awake?" I whispered.


"There is ticking."


"Ticking! It's really loud."

Silence for a moment, but for the TICKING.

"'S water dripping. Close the window."


D'oh! Water dripping down the gutter and hitting the bottom curve of it! No wonder it was louder outside and seemed to be coming from the neighbor's window! The window is right next to the end of the gutter. I am a total doofus.

2. I like that people apologize to me (sometimes) when they cuss or say certain things when I'm around. I like that I exude some sort of vibe, that it's obvious that I don't cuss or say "certain things." My manager apologizes when she swears at the deposit not coming out right, or the computer not working. A couple of times I've had a couple different people apologize to me about a conversation they had in the break room while I was in there, and hoped they hadn't made me uncomfortable. (Both times I'd been reading and completely tuned them out, but it was a nice thought.)

I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable around me, but I do want to come across as a Godly, polite woman. And if people feel like they should watch what they say around me, I guess I'm succeeding?

P.S. The previous post, 8 Things Friday, has pictures now!


sarahgrace said...

I cannot go to sleep with any ticking what-so-ever, so I hear ya! Thank goodness you could just close the window!

I'm with you on the second one too- especially now that I have kids!

Anonymous said...

"A godly, polite woman".....hmmmm.....that sounds like someone I remember from long long ago.

What was her name?


Wait. Wait! Yes.

Bernice! That was it!


HAPPY Monday!