Friday, May 08, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. Has it really been a week since I last posted? It seems like it just zoomed by, but kind of like it dragged at the same time. Do you ever feel like that? Ugh, it's weird.

2. I was suddenly seized by this urge to look at pretty yellow things tonight. It started when I looked at some "wedding dresses through the decades" website, and the bridesmaid's hats in a 1950's wedding were said to be "lemon yellow." ("Said to be" because the pictures were, of course, black and white.) I love that shade of vintage lemon yellow! Like lemon pudding, but softer. The color of old handkerchief edging, and the flowers on aprons. I just spent half an hour on etsy and Google looking for "yellow," "lemon yellow," "lemon yellow vintage," "lemon yellow jewelry." (I'm now also overwhelmed with the desire for some lemon drops. I haven't had those in forever! When I was younger, we'd take them on camping trips.)

3. Short-ish post today since I've written the above two points in the first ten minutes of official Friday. It's late, and I have a big day tomorrow, preparing for my weekend away (visiting Mom and family for Mother's Day).

4. Can I have another wedding? Now that I'm not 17 and dumb and would know what I was doing? *Whiiiiiiiinnnnnnne* Mine was beautiful and so special! It was great! But I'm looking at a friend's wedding pictures and they're so lovely! I love weddings! Planning them, throwing showers, going to them, dressing up for them, being in them...

5. Speaking of showers, the Summer of Baby Showers is about to begin. The first one is May 30th. The next one will probably be the following weekend. Better get to work on some little flannel blankets to go with all those hats I've knit! (I neeeeed to take pictures of them all before I give them away! I can't forget!)

6. I used the gift card I won for the dessert contest at the work picnic to help me buy a Victoria's Secret swim suit! I've never had a "nice" suit before. Well, the ones from Target and such were nice, and very cute and I liked them. But this one feels nice. You can tell the difference in the fabric. It'll last, it won't stretch out or fade. I tried to find a picture of it online, but I can't! It's like this one, but has wide horizontal stripes of white and hot pink, and the top is bandeau-style with the halter ties starting in the center, instead of at either side. The shape of the cutouts frame my tattoos nicely!

7. I like the big flower headbands that are popular right now, and I'm thinking of making a couple. (Ribbon + elastic + flower from Michael's.) What do you think, too much to wear to my cashier job with khakis and a polo shirt? What about a feather headband?

8. Does American Apparel make it their life's work to create the ugliest clothing possible? Oh my gosh! Everytime I see a banner/sidebar ad on a website, it's of these appalling creations no sane human being would wear outside of a weird music video or a dare.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I almost spit my coffee out at those AE clothes! Sexxxay robe there!!

You got married when you were 17?!

I think a flowered headband would be awesome! I always compliment people on things like that.... like, despite the uniform they have to wear they are throwing in a little personal style in!

sarahgrace said...

Ha ha ha! I always wonder what I'd do differently if I did my wedding now too (even though I wouldn't change a thing!)

And oh my gosh... those clothes from American apparel are outrageous! Good grief! ha ha!

alw_ays said...

Maybe you can plan weddings for a living? Maybe you can write about a wedding as if it were a fantastic fiction story for the bride, you know, to go along with the traditional photos and dried flowers as a way to remember the occasion?

Love the flower headband. It is not too much to go with jeans and a plain shirt. The AE florescent scrunchie,on the other hand, too much.