Thursday, January 22, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. I am currently knitting a pink baby hat. (Very currently; it's in my lap right now.) There are three pregnant girls at work, all due within about a month of each other. One is having twins. I figure at LEAST one of these four babies has to be a girl, right? And this was the yarn that was on top of the pile I could get to. Yay baby stuff! I'll be visiting Michael's soon for some more baby-appropriate yarn. Khristine will know her baby's gender next week, so that will narrow down at least one colour choice.

2. I probably have Big News, but I think I'll save that til I'm a little more sure, and have more time to post. I'm actually writing this Thursday night late since we'll be in the car tomorrow morning, and with friends all afternoon and evening.

3. It's killing me that I'll miss doing Wii Fit this weekend!!! I've done 22 days in a row, and to see a blank spot on the little calendar... Augh! I'll still do some of the stretches and such that I can technically do without a Wii Fit board or a virtual trainer, so I'll be working out a little this weekend while I'm away from my Wii. Probably walking and maybe some swimming. But still. I'm OCD enough and competitive enough that it's going to bother me, seeing three blank days after 22 full ones. *Sigh*

4. Jen and I (Jen from work--good grief I know a lot of Jennifers!) might be starting a knitting club. I taught her to knit a couple weeks ago and she's doing really well and wants to learn more, but I work all the time and she's at school or doing homework, plus working part time and taking care of her three kids. (She's also the one having twins in June-ish.) So I don't have time to show her new stuff, or how to fix things she's messed up, unless we meet in the evening. Why not make a Thing of it, right? So I'm gonna try and get some posters printed up that she can put up at the college (and maybe elsewhere....?) and see what happens. I don't want to put a lot of effort into it. Or any effort, really. I have enough on my plate as it is. But it'd be nice to hang out with other people that knit, and I'd be happy to teach beginners if they want to show up with some sticks and string.

5. I just made banana bread to take with us! :) Liz and Jamie will be feeding us most of the weekend, so I thought the least I could do was bring breakfast. I don't really care for cooking, but I do rather like baking. Except for all the dishes at the end, but I suppose that can't really be helped. The whole house smells like banana bread, and I can't eat any of it til tomorrow! :(

5a. Every time I spell "banana" I sing the Gwen Stefani song in my head.

6. I'm staying the night with Megan Saturday night after supper, then going back to Liz and Jamie's early Sunday morning. Megan has to work ridiculously early, like 5 or 6, so I'll probably get up with her and drive back. Sunday afternoon, we're having lunch at Matt's older sister's house. We haven't seen them since last April, I think. His little sister is coming, too, as well as his grandma. It'll be nice to see everyone.

7. Sorry for the lack of pictures lately. I've taken some pictures, but the more I think about it, the more I think no one would care to see them. Matt sitting in the huge bean bag playing XBox. Me doing Wii Fit. Me with curly hair. Meh. So... sorry. I'll try and find something dynamic to photograph this weekend, then come back with exciting things to show you! Or at least mildly interesting things, hopefully.

8. With my lovely work discount, I got two new DS games: Cake Mania and TouchMaster 2. I'm not sure what Cake Mania will be like, but it looked cute and entertaining and easy, my three requirements for video games, so we'll see. And TouchMaster has all kinds of games on it: solitaire, pool, I Spy, etc. etc. Good car trip stuff. I'll let you know how I like them, or if I do. I'm not really a video game person, but the My Word Coach I have on the DS (Matt's that he got used from a friend--it's the older model) is only good for about 30 minutes a day because (they say) your brain stops retaining all the new words it's learned after that. Also, sometimes I just don't want to use my brain! At least not as much as that requires. So I'm trying to branch out a bit to actual games, not just educational stuff. Although I might eventually get My Spanish Coach (or who knows, maybe another language!) for the fun of it.

Have a lovely weekend! I know I will!


Sarah said...

Have a great time!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

Okay1. yay for the knitting again (and the knitting club)
2.You DO know a lot of Jennifers...we rule the world mwahaha
3/ Have a safe/fun trip, we're heading out this weekend too!
4. I have a sudoku game to go with the nowhere to be found DS that we can't find since the move.....would you like it? annnnd
5. I'm totally with you with the bananas singing. (Just did it!)

Jennifer said...

Oh yeah,
6. Perhaps you need a new banner now. Oh, nevermind.....cause YOUR TREE IS STILL UP ISN'T IT?!?!!?

end giggles

Ann Hartter said...

I would so love a knitting club.

Try:"Wee Fit" instead of "Wii Fit" Do a little jogging at Rest Stops and stuff.

Try: Yes, we have no bananas, we have no bananas today!

frankcheez said...

You 'probably' have Big News? :::raises eye brows:::

carrington schaeffer said...

BIG NEWS?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Wee! Let me know, let me know!