Monday, January 05, 2009

Geeks Galore!

I hosted a "Geek Party" at my house yesterday afternoon. It was basically an excuse to dress up however we pleased and watch Lord of the Rings (Return of the King, since it was the only one Andrea had on DVD; I can't believe Matt and I don't own them, as geeky as we are--yet!). We talked about such geeky things as LotR, of course, Harry Potter, really snazzy cameras, internet memes, stuff on YouTube, and fanfic. The costumes, such as they were, were swell. I wish I had a better picture of Carrington and S. in their nerd costumes (S. was in a white shirt with a flowered tie and a calculator in the pocket, as well as thick glasses and an oldschool walkman--the kind that played TAPES!--on his belt; Carrington wore her hair in pigtails with a headband, pj-type pants tucked into socks, and her old retainer, as well as a plastic duck call on a necklace), but this one will have to do:


I think Carrington has fallen asleep through every movie I've ever watched with her. At least she wasn't asleep the whole time.

I'm so grateful my friend Noelle got to come, and I met her new squeeze. No pictures of them, unfortunately.


Me (steampunk airship pirate navigator), Philip (quasi steampunk/post-apocolyptic), and Andrea (post-apoc). Phil dresses like this every day. He was going to wear a wicked post-apocolyptic kind of jacket, but couldn't get it to look how he wanted it. I know Andrea wears this cap around school, but I'm not sure about the rest, i.e. the jacket and handwarmers. (She crocheted those, and used handstitching!!! to mod the jacket, which started its life with her as a really ugly dress from Goodwill.) I... would probably wear this out and about, sans head scarf and goggles, and without all the doo-dads hanging from my belt.


And a better look (sort of) at the makeup and accessories. My husband is not a photographer. Clearly he needs more practice! ;) Carrington, think S. could give him some pointers? Heehee.


All in all, it was a successful geek party. We were left with a LOT of cookies, so we sent some home with Phil and Andrea. Ditto for the chipotle-cream-cheese-smeared bagel bites. And we still have lots of the queso dip I made!

I think we should make this a monthly thing, to dress up and watch a geeky movie and talk about geeky things without fear of being mocked for our nerdiness! Anyone want to volunteer their house for a few hours in February? :D


carrington schaeffer said...

I am really appreciating the fact that you referred to Chris as Noelle's new "squeeze."


And I'm sure S could talk to Matt about photography.
For hours.
And hours.

I'll volunteer my house for Feb!

Sherry Ficklin said...

You guys should dress up and hit Geeks Who Dring at the Rockslide on tues night. I love it. It's one of the few times it PAYS to be as huge a geek as I am!

sarahgrace said...

Looks like so much fun!

I totally volunteer my house for one of them (that way, I might actually get to go... ha ha!)

I have the extended version of FotR... ;)

Also, get S, Matt and Kev together- and Matt will be a pro photographer in no time! :)

Anonymous said...

Thought of you!