Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oh hello, it's me!

I feel like such a bad blogger! I've missed the first two "8 things Friday"s of the year. *Sigh* I've even taken pictures thinking "I'm going to blog this," but I haven't. Yet if I'm going to make 100 blog posts by the end of this year, I'd better get to it. So here's a little update.

With Christmas money, we ordered a SumoSac, and got it a few days ago. It's fantastic. Huuuuuge. (I think we got this one, but I'm not sure since Matt did the actual ordering.) Apparently, Matt says, it's the ultimate gamer's chair, and he's thoroughly tested that out by spending most of his day off today in it. I need to get a picture of this thing with a person in it for scale. When it's not parked in front of the tv (which means it's right in front of the sofa) it lives in the corner of the living room. This will be easier to manage once the Christmas tree is out of that corner.

Yeah, the tree's still up. (It's fake, remember? So don't worry about it being a fire hazzard.) I did, however, get all the decorations off it yesterday. Matt has tomorrow off, too, so I think he should take it apart and pack it back in the box. And then I can supervise the loading of the tree box and the big plastic tub with all the decorations back into our little storage unit.

I haven't missed a single day on the Wii Fit so far, though I did 25 minutes today instead of 30 minutes. (I woke up, did Wii Fit while eating toast for breakfast, went to church, came home and ate lunch, changed, went to work, came home and made and ate dinner, then went back to work for an all-store meeting.) Oh well. Matt didn't do any Wii Fit today because he's got a cold. I WIN! :P I did Wii Fit when I was getting a cold last weekend, though I just did the gentler balance games and yoga poses. I wonder how long I can actually go without missing a day all together?

Probably until we go out of town the weekend after this coming weekend (the 23rd through the 25th). We're driving a few hours away to the other side of the Colorado Rockies to stay with some geek friends. Matt's GMing a Star Wars campaign (like Dungeons and Dragons, but set in the Star Wars universe), so he and the friends we're staying with, as well as a couple other friends, will be doing that literally all weekend. I'll hang with them some, and probably bring movies and knitting, but I'm excited for a sleepover Saturday night with my dear friend Megan! I'll finally get to see her cute little house, and we'll do... something! Then on Sunday, we're going to visit Matt's older sister and her family who live near-ish to where we'll be staying. (Nearer than to where we live, anyway!) And then home and back to the usual.

Work is fine. The house is fine. Writing's... making me a little angsty, but you can read my whining over at Bernice's blog. I'm pondering, and will make another Author Post pretty soon to lay out my plan for the future of the story.

If I don't see you before then, be on the lookout for an 8 Things Friday post, hopefully actually ON Friday! I have the day off, and while I'm having breakfast with friends in the morning, and working on laundry and cleaning and such during the day, I WILL make time to blog then. With pictures of delicious, delicious scones! :)


Sarah said...

The chair looks like a Super COmfy fall into my bag. I love it!!! :)

I want one now. LOL


WTG on the Wii Fit! :)
Vacations don't count as missing as you have no control and acctually can't get there!!!

frankcheez said...
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frankcheez said...

The SumoSac looks awesome. I have a giant bean bag chair too (it's 5 feet in diameter), and it takes up the majority of my tiny apartment's living room. It's actually filled with little tiny chunks of foam, so I guess it's not a 'bean bag chair.' It's still way cool. Hope you are enjoying yours. They are PRIME for NAPS!