Monday, January 26, 2009

Big News

I'm sure it's not as exciting as some of you were perhaps thinking, but here it is nonetheless: Instead of moving this summer, we're staying here for at least another year. (Again.)

I just found out (by accident, really; someone in the teaching program at the college here came through my checkout line at work and I talked to him) that our college here in town DOES INDEED offer the degree I need! That is, the post-baccalaureate teaching license for secondary education. Previously, they've only offered the post-bach (adding just the teaching stuff onto the degree you already have) for elementary ed, which I don't want to do. That's most of the reason we were going to move to The Big City in the first place: so I could get that degree.

BUT! Now it's offered here. And we were nervous about moving in the first place because we weren't sure we could transfer within the companies we're already working for. If we did, we would probably lose our full-time status, since everyone has all the help they need right now, and won't start holiday hiring til August/September-ish. If we couldn't even transfer, we didn't have a guarantee of getting a job elsewhere! Also, the cost of living is just higher on the other side of the mountains, not to mention how it takes 45 minutes to drive anywhere--so you're using more gas which is more expensive to begin with.

So here we are, at the very least until I finish my teaching certification next year. Matt is pretty sure he's also going back to school this fall, probably to finish the psych degree he stopped a few years ago. That would be at least another four semesters for him (so he'd finish--fingers crossed--Spring of 2011). I suppose at the point when he's done with school, we'll see where we're at, if we still want to move, where we can both get jobs, etc. etc.

I suppose it was "Big" news in that NOT moving six hours away is kind of a big deal. Also, there will be BIG savings, because our little state college is a lot cheaper than any of the universities we were looking at going to!

I feel really good about it, and I'm glad we'll have numerous things to not worry about, at least for a couple more years. To anyone near where we were going to move, I'm sorry I won't be close to you! :( To my friends here, I'm glad we can still hang out for a while yet! :) I think this is where we are supposed to be.


cher said...

Yay, Yay! Is that the PBL? I bet it will work great for you!

Linda said...

Yay! I'll bet your mom is super happy. I know I am.