Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Like Having a New Husband!

Matt's hair has been thinning since I've known him, really, but he's still worn it long (quite long for a guy, at least) despite that. It's very fine, and the bald spot on the back of his head has, unfortunately, been getting more noticable in the last couple of years. For the past six months or so, I've bugged him now and then about just shaving it all off like a lot of younger balding guys do, so the baldness isn't as noticable, but he alwas cringed and grabbed ahold of his hair saying he liked his long hair. "Whatever," I'd say, "but when you are fully bald in the back, you are not having a ponytail like some icky old biker dude."

Well, as of last night, my husband has no hair on his head.


(Here's what it looked like about a month ago.)

It's... really odd to get used to. I like it, don't get me wrong! It's just very very different. I've known Matt almost 8 years, and he's had long hair (at least to his collar) all that time except once when he got it cut "short," which was like a normal guy haircut but a little shaggier. So this... this is weird. I keep looking at him and saying, "You have no hair! You have... you have no hair!"

He says it feels weird to lie on his pillow, to put on his shirt, things like that, since there's no hair to block contact with things. Apparently his head is cold (although I think it's just that he can feel the air on it), but he's a lucky man who married a knitter, and he has three beanies I made him, plus a couple that are store-bought. He'll survive. It'll just take some adjustment.

(I can't wait to hear about the reactions of the guys at work tomorrow!)

I'm blogging about my husband's new hairstyle (or lack thereof). Don't I lead an exciting life?


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's great!! Tell him I said he looks VERY HOT like this. Yep, I said it, hot! As a wife of a fully bald guy I have to agree that the 'I'll let my hair be long to magically disguise the balding!" DOES NOT WORK. Alton seems to be falling into this trap lately, have you seen his grape juice commercials?

I highly recommend the pattern Halfdome from knitty, knit in something nice like the cashmerino aran that she suggests.

Kudos to him for doing it!

taillow said...

Oh my gosh, he looks so good!!!! Normally I don't like it when guys shave their heads, but it looks sooo good on him!! He's so cute!

I also like your new banner!! So many exclamation points!!

cher said...

"He is Soooooo handsome (for a young guy, that is)," said the old lady. I actually thought the long hair quite striking and it was difficult to think of a shaved head as an improvement-until I saw the picture.

Danielle said...

Wow, he looks so different! But it's good! And just think of all of the awesome hats you can knit him.. Get that boy some mmmmMalabrigo!

Sarah said...

OMG he looks adorible!!! My brother and Dad did the same thing. It's like I look back at old pictures and I'm like wait... they had hair? really? It's kinda funny you get used to it. They do really end up liking hats as their heads will get cold, but do watch out for the other thing.. in the summer.. Sunscreen on the head. It will SUNBURN soooooooooooo fast.

But anyway! He looks CUTE!!! Tell him WTG Studly!!

Making Megan said...

Holly Crap!
It was a shock seeing that . . .
Im still in shock . . .
I'll call you latter

Linda said...

Heather, Tell Matt we really like his new look. I showed the photo to Burl and it took him a long time to tell me who it was! I finally had to tell him it was someone we were related to and then he got it!