Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm a Huge Nerd

But we already knew that, yes?

I love love love my class. I love being in school. I love discussions and taking notes and raising my hand. I like walking around on campus (the "old" part of it) with the big old trees and brick buildings, and even the ugly sculptures. Being among fellow students. I think all this theory about ways of teaching and grading and learning is so interesting.

There's rather a bit more work to catch up than I first thought, but I have Thursday-Saturday off this week. (One more day of work and then I'm FREE for three days, thank goodness!) Mostly I underestimated the amount of reading, since there's not much to turn in. But oh well, I like to read. And what I've read so far is really interesting, if a bit dry at times. Reading all of this when I'm not super tired at the end of the day would probably make it less sleep-inducing. Still, I'm getting a lot out of it, I think.



Anonymous said...

What kind of stuff are you reading. I'm trying to make it a point of reading more this year. I found an ap on FB to track that sort of stuff. ( I also like the new banner :) I usually read you on google reader so when I popped over here it was a nice surprise :)

cher said...

Yes, we knew about that - takes one to know one.
I am all tinglely for you! You are going to make such a fantastic teacher.

alw_ays said...

"Jealousy rears its ugly head."

(you're a true nerd if you can tell me what show I quoted.)

Also, I'm jealous.

Sarah said...

Reading is good for you!
What are you reading now?
I loved school too. :)
If you didn't love learning how the heck would you love teaching? :) It's good you are a nerd... :)

sarahgrace said...

I'm jealous too! I would LOVE to be back in school myself! Someday....

Have fun!