Sunday, February 08, 2009

You've got to admit it's getting better

Oy, I just used a song title for the subject line of this post. Sorry.

It's February! I know it's been February for just over a week now, but I was thinking about this the other day.

February is so much better than January. The weather's usually just as crummy, but you start thinking that maybe, just maybe, Spring could eventually be on its way. (Especially with all these recent warm spells of 60 and 70 degrees in places where it's usually realy cold this time of year!)

The worst of the "Ohmygosh bills!" about Christmas is over, as well as the late Christmases some people have when they can't see their family on Christmas. People who are on top of things (like us) have their taxes already done, and are waiting for their return. (Ours is going to pay for my class, wheee.)

Some people have fudged on their diet and/or workout routine, but at this point in the year, they're being more reasonable about what they can really accomplish. Working out 5 times a week instead of every single day, and treating themselves to an occasional yummy dessert instead of not eating anything with extra calories.

Students and teachers are getting into a rhythm with class and homework and extracurricular stuff. Spring break is still at least a month away, but that's really only 5 school days per week, times five or six weeks. (I'm still catching up for my class, but getting closer!)


January in my house was the month for Laundry. (It required a capital L.) I took three loads (mostly towels, socks, and underwear) down to Mom and Dad's this weekend. Mom offered her machines since she knows I have to pay $2 a load here, and I took her up on it! So now the pile in the office is much more manageable! I still have rather a lot of cold wash stuff to do, but I'll get there soon. It looks likely that I'll have Tuesdays and Thursdays off work for a while because of my class in the mornings, which is fine with me. I love having a couple "catch-up" days at home in the middle of the week.

February is going to be for The Office. Not the TV show, but the disaster area that is our second bedroom. There are a lot of old papers to go through, dishes to excavate and put in the dishwasher, trash to be thrown out, and craft stuff to be organized. Once we have a floor in there, I can tackle the Craft Closet of Doom (which is in The Office). Depending on how long The Office takes (i.e. depending on how many days I have off when I can stay at home and organize), the Closet might have to wait til March. We'll see. I know I COULD get this stuff done a lot sooner, but not rushing myself, giving myself plenty of time to clean and organize, doesn't make me feel overwhelmed. And when I feel overwhelmed, I'm more likely to not start at all.

If I can get The Office and The Closet done this month, March will be for The Bedroom. *Shudder*


sarahgrace said...

I must say... I have The Filing, and The Closets, and a few others to do myself- but The Kids always, uh... take up my time. :)
And yes... February is much better- and short!

cher said...

Well said!
Its so much more enjoyable to clean and sort and organized when one does not rush.