Friday, February 27, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. Backdating this slightly because I only remembered I needed to write this once it was already two minutes into Saturday. (No worries, I can sleep waaaay in tomorrow.) Whoops.

2. Knit Night is now called Weekly Fiber. This is mildly (stupidly) punny, and therefore amuses me, and it also encompasses more crafts than just knitting. Fiber can mean yarn, thread, fabric, even paper. (And I'll bet they have bran muffins in the coffee shope where we meet.) If you live near me and want to hang out and do something crafty on Wednesday nights, come join us!

3. Look at the wonderful gift of awesomeness Jen made me!


It's a little clutch purse! But wait, what's that text on the outside?


SHE HAD FABRIC PRINTED WITH MY NOVEL'S MAIN CHARACTER'S SIGNATURE ON IT!!! Isnt' that the coolest thing you've ever heard of?

(Way to make me feel guilty for not writing on it for over a month. :P)


Inside are pockets exactly the right size for holding my cell phone, my clippers and file and lip gloss, and another little regular "tube o' lip balm" pocket, which I would use if I had anything I liked in regular tube form.


A lovely matching wallet!

I had to pare down quite a lot from what I usually carry in my purse. No checkbook (which I never really used when I was out anyway; just to pay mail-in bills), no daytimer (which is actually last year's still and I don't know why I was carrying it around). No pack of gum, little bottle of lotion, little bottle of hand sanitizer. No tissues, no ridiculous amount of "value cards" and the like, no punch cards I never used, no business cards I don't know why I have. No room for trash. I've been carrying this as my only "purse" for over a week now, and I actually rather like it! It's something to get used to, not being able to cram a book and a bottle of water and a bunch of papers and a snack into my purse along with all the other junk, but I'm sure it's better for my back, to not carry around extra weight on one shoulder. And I feel very hip and on-the-go, or something. Huzzah new purse! Jen, you are awesome!

4. So much for "February is for The Office" in the way of house cleaning. I didn't do a thing in there all month, and February's gone now. *Sigh* I don't know why. Technically, I had time. I just spent it doing other things. However, I have kept up on the laundry and dishes pretty well, and I'm proud of myself for that! And not that this is very much of an excuse, but I'm still sort of adjusting to having a class and homework. Not LOTS of homework, but more than the nothing I've been used to the past couple years. Between all that, work, and a little bit of travel this month, The Office still looks as scary as it did at the end of January. I suppose we'll see how March goes!

5. In case you're not on Facebook, I took the PRAXIS 1 exam on Thursday, after studying math and studying math and studying math all the week before. UGH. I didn't remember anything I'd ever learned in a math class, but once I read over it in the study guide, I would think, "Oh yeah, I remember that now," for most of it. (I didn't study the reading and writing sections because I didn't need to. I skimmed them to get an idea of what those sections would be like, but that's all.) Anyway, it's ALL OVER now, YAY! Hopefully (fingers crossed) I never have to do math again!!! Figuring a tip, I can do. Finding what 20% off of a discounted item makes it, I can do. Beyond that? No thank you!

I got my reading and math scores right away, but the writing portion will have to be hand-graded since it was half multiple choice and half essay, which a computer can't grade. I needed a 173 in each section to pass and get into the teaching program, and I got 184 on reading and 181 on math! (Is it really tacky to post your test scores on your blog? Whatever.) I maybe could've taken a little more time on the reading to go back over a few questions, since I got it done in about half the allotted time, but oh well. I just wanted to get it overwith. And about 10 questions out of 46 I just GUESSED on the math section. I knew what it wanted, I just didn't know how to make an equation to get there. Oh well. I DID IT and IT'S OVER and that's all that matters!

6. I downloaded the Dan In Real Life soundtrack the other day, and I heart it muchly. Such a good movie! Sometimes I wanted to smack the whole family, just because of how adorable and cliche it is--everyone goes up to the cabin by the sea at the end of summer and they do group aerobics in the morning, go on walks, to the crossword together... *gag!*--but other than that I liked it a lot, and decided I needed the soundtrack. I don't remember the whole thing from the DVD extras, but it was something like they hired this guy and his band to do the whole soundtrack, and they just hung out in the cabin where most of the movie was filmed and played and wrote music for like two weeks, and then they had the whole soundtrack! It was awesome. I love that guy's voice, and the main female vocal lead as well. Just... the whole sound. If anyone would like the soundtrack, email me.

7. For the Day of Noseblowing (Thursday after the PRAXIS), I got a box of tissues with a bold, graphic print of PEARS all over it.


This, for some reason, makes me ridiculously happy. It's so cute! (Since then, the cold medicine had kicked in and stayed in, so I can breathe through my nose once more, and I'm not dying of sinus pressure.)

8. I really should take my Valentine decorations down. *Sigh*


taillow said...

I love that Kleenex bos, too, but I only use Puffs Ultra. I'm totally addicted to them and have them in four rooms of my house, plus one in my desk at work. The boxes are rarely cute, though.

And I keep most of my Valentine decor out year round. It's sort of my theme. It does make it a little disappointing each year when I don't have a tub full of decorations to get out and put up.

taillow said...


Linda said...

So first of all, congrats on the PRAXIS, happy it's over and you'll never have to do math again. Luckyyyy. Secondly, what a cutie little purse your friend made and how special to have your very own novel title written all over it. Luckyyyy, again. Thirdly, I too love the darling boxes of tissues, makes blowing your nose prettier when it comes from a snazzy container.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOOOOOO jealous - you have a celebrity purse ALREADY!

Sarah said...

OMG thats the COOLEST PURSE EVER!!! I can't believe the fabric! That busts my brain! It's awesome. I love it. She did such a great job. The little wallett is adorible too. I cleaned out my purse/walet recently too. it's kinda liberating isnt it?? Like a little Freedom! lol

Cutest kleenex box! it.

WTG on the Praxis WOO WOOO!!!!!!!

missdonna said...

Hey, The kleenex box IS cutie. Why don't they make all of them cute. I want the PLUS ones and they are ugly. Yer dad is very sick, head to toe. Coughing especially. We blame Sandy. Sorry you have been sick again. What are we going to do with you guys????

I totally love the purse, and I have got to see it IN PURSE-on. It's awesome. You ARE famous. I think that means you have to publish Bernice's story.

Big Hug!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you really get the most out of your decorations ! (sarcasm!) Tagged you in a post on my blog!

I'll write about the purse on my blog (your friends sure do know how to make a girls head go all big and stuff) but it was super easy to make the fabric, Michaels has this fabric 'glued' to printer paper, right next to the tshirt transfer stuff, I just designed the word document with your stolen signature from your , I mean, Bernice's blog, repeated it a bunch then caaaaarefully fit the pattern onto the paper, cut and peeled away the backing! Voila! Instant art! NOW GO WRITE MORE BERNICE...HINT HINT!