Thursday, March 12, 2009

8 Things Friday

1. The sewing cord/pedal was found!!! Jen's daughter found it "somewhere" and Jen texted me last night to tell me. Since I was almost home from meeting my mom halfway between our towns for chatting and snacks, I whipped the car around and went to pick it up. Yay yay yay! :D

2. I realized that the deadline for my application material was the 15th, and that the 15th is a Sunday. I intended to turn it in today, but... it's Spring Break. Everything on campus is closed. I figured... I don't know what I figured. I didn't think. Maybe I thought the faculty would be on campus at least a bit, since they had... papers to grade? Work to do? Applications to accept?? Anyway, I guess I'll just turn this all in on Monday and hope for the best, despite it being a day late. You know, they could have MOVED the deadline, so it wasn't due on the Sunday after Spring Break this year!

Or I could've got it in early. But I don't like that option as much.

3. I was going to run to the WalMart money center for a money order to send to the CBI with my fingerprint card, but I'll just do that tomorrow. I only have about an hour before I have to eat and get ready for work, and after writing like a madwoman all morning, I want to chill a little. Perhaps sew.

4. Speaking of sewing, here is the project some of you may have seen me mention on Facebook:


I got a men's XL shirt at the Goodwill, removed the arms, sewed down the sides to make it more fitted, took off the cuffs and gathered/pleated the bottom of the much-shortened sleeves onto them, gathered the top of the sleeves onto the body again, and ta-da!



I could have put some darts in front and back to make it even more girl-shaped, but I don't care that much right now. It might be cute with the right belt, but right now I just like it over jeans with accessories in the various colors of the stripes.


Coral-y orange, lavender, light blue, mossy green...

I have a red and black plaid flannel shirt that will soon meet the same end, perhaps with little flutter sleeves instead of the puffs. It's currently in pieces and pinned up one side, so maybe I'll have pics of it for next week's 8 Things Friday.

5. On the way home from work tonight, I saw a white limosine that had been jacked up on huuuuge offroading tires, so it was four or five feet off the ground. You could see all the supports from the car to the tires (whatever those are called). It was ridiculous.

6. I'd better add another baby hat to the list, because another friend is pregnant! This will be their fourth. Never a dull moment in their house! Sarah, I'm so excited for you.

7. Speaking of knitting, I'm happy with how Weekly Fiber is going. Two friends (one blogs here) dropped in for a bit this past Wednesday, but otherwise it's just been us usual three die-hards. If you have this Wednesday night free and have crafty stuff--tools, materials, whatever--you don't use or need, bring them to Swap Night! I'm bringing my fabric scrap box in case there are any quilters, and probably a fair bit of yarn. I know Jen is bringing fabric as well. There may be some stamps if my supervisor from work comes. I just can't go home with as much as or more than I brought!

8. If you like vintage fashion, you will love The Secret Lives of Dresses. Authoress of A Dress A Day occasionally writes out a whole backstory for a vintage dress (though whether she owns these dresses or just finds pictures of them, I'm not sure). They're very well-written and interesting, and it makes me think about the people who owned and used the vintage things I now possess. Here's the first one; the rest are linked in the side bar waaaaaaaay down the page! Enjoy!


Linda said...

I truly LOVE this shirt/dress.

sarahgrace said...

Aaaw, Heather, thank you!
And I'm very impressed by your sewing prowess! That is awesome what you did to that shirt! (I have no idea if that last sentence was grammatically correct, but I'm too tired to find out...)