Monday, March 30, 2009


One thing I like less about Blogspot than LiveJournal, which I used to use, is the way comments are handled. You can have whole comment "threads" or conversations (I called them commentversations) on LJ back and forth with one person or several people, and they're all linked together. I dislike being unable to really reply to my comments here in that way, so occasionally I might put replies to comments in an actual blog post.

1. Sarah, the Redwall books do have a cookbook. I haven't looked at it or heard anything about it, but I always loved the descriptions of the feasts in the books. The desserts sounded heavenly, and since the main characters were mice and hedgehogs and such, most of the dishes were vegan, or maybe included some fish or eggs. It seems like it would be interesting to check out.

2. To clarify, the post about my tattoo was not a blog about my tattoo. It was one post on a blog about tattoos in general. The wording of one of the comments led me to believe someone might think the whole thing was just about mine.

3. I'm not going to fuss with whomever owns that blog. He/she credited me, didn't get any facts wrong, and even linked back to my blog where the picture was originally posted. I would have liked him/her to ask me first, and I probably would have said yes after I checked out the blog. But, as some commenters said, it's the internet. It's harder to prove things, much harder to keep track of things, and the "ettiquitte" or whatever you'd call it is more iffy. The blogger is not claiming my picture or my tattoo as his/her own, and is not saying anything mean or inappropriate, so I'm letting it go. The only thing I can think to do to prevent any picture of mine being used without my permission is to put a watermark on them all, which is frankly too much work and not, I think, necessary. If someone wants to look at something I did and say "Hey, neat!" that's fine and kind of flattering. As long as I'm credited for it, or at least they're not stealing it from me, I don't think I care.

Ugh, off to work. I cannot WAIT for two days off in a row soon!


sarahgrace said...

So the Redwall cookbook must be the one I am thinking of... I have a friend who has twin sons that are enthralled with the books, and make things from the cookbook from time to time. She actually made a really yummy dessert from the cookbook once! Kind of a raspberry cobbler sort of thing. Also... her sons decided to become vegetarians, and I wouldn't at all be surprised if reading those books was the reason why! hee hee.

cher said...

Um, I think I might have a redwall cook book.....P has the entire set of books....