Thursday, March 05, 2009

Interesting Things I've Seen Today

1. A very bright red door, freshly painted I think, on the front of a totally white house.

2. A girl in knee-high black leather boots and a pea coat, with a blue and turquoise tulle skirt or dress peeking out from beneath the coat. She was walking to school.

3. A beautiful flower design "painted" in the dust and mud on the back of a big shipping truck.


missdonna said...

You should have flagged the girl down; she sounds like you might have some things in common. :)

Wonder who would take the time to "paint" a flower in the dirt of a truck? Hmmm, some frustrated artist? Starving artist? Were you driving or walking to see that?

I LOVE a red door, always have. Think the purple house could handle one?

Hope your day just keeps getting better.

taillow said...

...And you without your camera??