Monday, September 29, 2008

Ahhhh (no more AUGH)

Today I slept til 11--I could've slept later, but thought I really should get up--had lunch with Matt, then went to work at 1. I ended up NOT doing any kitchen-cleaning when I got home at 7, big surprise. But tomorrow morning will be for cleaning and errands, and tomorrow late-afternoon-ish, I'll reward myself by using that free movie ticket, FINALLY (if it's still good!) to go see Mama Mia! Megan, can I have the soundtrack if I like it?

Oh, clearly I'm not going to go with the school picture place tomorrow. The school they're shooting at has a big population of Spanish-speaking kids, and my Spanish isn't that great, so they're bringing someone else. Oh well! That's another day off this week, and while we could always use the money, of course, I'm looking forward to the time at home.

I made another Mug Cake tonight, and it turned out better. Cooked it for 2 minutes and 40 seconds, which was just about perfect. The "frosting" was about a tablespoon of chocolate chips and maybe a teaspoon of milk microwaved for 30 seconds and stirred till smooth. When the cake was done, I poked holes in it with a fork and poured the frosting (about the consistency of pudding before it's set) over it so it soaked down into the holes. MMM-MM! I only ate about half of it because of all the Chocolate, and gave the rest to Matt. He said it was "too spongey" but ate it all anyway. Hm.

And for anyone concerned for my health, eating this kind of thing, I'm enjoying this metabolism while I have it. :)

I'll try and remember to take pictures of the two Swap-Bot packages I'm sending off tomorrow! One is my steampunk-themed swap, and the other is a NaNoWriMo care package kinda thing. There's also a baby package going out, but I'll save pictures of that until after it's received. I do, however, have pictures of a baby hat I knit for a pregnant girl at work. SO CUTE! I heart knitting baby stuff, it's so adorable and fast. But for now I'll have to content myself with scarves and armwarmers and such. Ahh, cooler weather always makes me want to knit! I have lovely bright red wool for an earflap hat (not the weird hunter-man kind, the cute kind--I hope). And it might be about time for some new slipper-socks, too....

UPDATE: Mama Mia is no longer playing! :( And the ONLY show I'd consider seeing at that theatre is Dark Knight. Or maybe Igor. Hmm. There's nothing coming out in the next, oh, month, that I'd care to see either. Maybe I'll just go see Batman again and enjoy the Tortured Hero thing once more.


mikkers said...

Oo, I want to see a photo of the mug cake as well!

mikkers said...

oops, nevermind! I just scrolled down to read your other posts and saw the mug cake! Awesomeness!