Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another late-night post of randomness

1. I changed my tattoo design a bit, so it mostly goes up my side instead of all the way across my back. Possibly pictures to come, though I'm not sure how much of me I want to put on the internet for all to see...

2. I'm starting to get excited about NaNoWriMo. Just over a month until it starts! I'm going to do something really different this year; more on that after a bit. Until then, let me introduce you to my main character:

That's her signature, and she has a personality to go with that name!

3. Work is having a movie night on Sunday (i.e. go in to work after we close and watch a movie there), and it's Iron Man. Matt and I saw it in theatres and both liked it, and I think socializing with work people is a good thing now and then. Matt actually said he'd like to come with me (each employee is allowed one gues), so IF I have time between now and then, I'd like to make cookies or something snacky to bring and share. Hopefully that will be fun! (And hopefully some people in my department/that I know will be there.) Maybe I'll bring my camera.

4. The economy stuff is starting to scare me, even though I don't really understand much of it.

5. I don't know if I'm registered to vote or not. Isn't that sad? Is it something you do once and you're registered forever? Do you have to do it every year? I remember voting in '04, the first election year I could vote, and I saved my little "I Voted!" sticker on my bulliten board for a while. :) But I don't think I've voted since then. *Cringe* The cutoff for Colorado, according to the ad on my Yahoo page, is October 6th, so I'd better get with it if I need to re-register!

6. Last Spring, I worked for a local photography place that does school pictures. Sometimes they need an extra person there to help organize the kids--take envelopes with money, get them lined up, that sort of thing. I'll be going again on Tuesday; they just call me every so often when they're shorthanded, maybe a couple times a month. Generally I meet everyone very very early in the morning--4 or 5--and we drive a couple hours, shoot, then drive back. I get paid for the driving time, even though I'm just sitting in the back of the van drinking coffee! And hourly, it's slightly more than my current retail job. So it's a nice little bit of extra money now and then. And it's fun to see the little kids all spiffed up for school pictures. Though there's always that one kid, in almost every class, whose mom forgot it was picture day, so his hair is sticking up and his t-shirt has holes in it. And those couple of little girls in tights and mary janes with their hair curled and their fancy dresses with poofy skirts and big sashes. Cute cute!

That's really all the "news" lately, I suppose.

OH! The wedding! It was fantastic. Beautiful, and probably the most fun reception I've been to. I danced and danced! If any of the pictures turned out, I'll put a few up here soon-ish. I took a thousand, but all the ones at the reception were blurry/had bad lighting. The ones of us girls getting our hair and makeup done beforehand were fun, though. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow night!


Anonymous said...

If you registered to vote once, you are still registered. Just make sure you are registered for your current address/location/voting precinct. For example, when I moved up to college, I had to change my voter's registration so I could vote in Tallahassee and not have to drive 400+ miles just to vote (cuz that's retarded). Now I just have to walk up the street to the Catholic church.

mikkers said...

hrm. if you change states then that is the only reason why you need to re-register. and if you change residences/counties i think.

mostly what frankcheez says. :P

i went to get my MD driver's license and registered just last friday.