Saturday, September 13, 2008

Change of Plans

I may have alluded to this in a previous post, but now it's official: I'm not going to grad school this coming fall (again). Matt and I have discussed our options, and getting my master's means at least two to two and a half years more of school, if not three, and that much longer of student loans to pay back. That also puts off me having a "real" job that much longer, which puts off us having kids that much longer (and I really want kids!). So the plan now is to find somewhere that has a post-baccalaureate program where I can earn my teaching certificate--just take my education classes and do my student teaching and add it onto the BA I already have. It'll be about another year and a half once I start next fall, so I could be done in the fall of 2010 and get a job teaching high school English. That's another thing: I can teach high school anywhere, but if I were to teach college, my options as to where we could live and work would be much more limited.

In addition to that changed plan, Matt's also going back to school for his "A+" certification to become a computer tech. (I'm not sure what the exact title is, but it's basically "computer-fixer dude.") It's a two- or three-month certification program, half of which he already knows just because of his tinkering around with computers. He builds friends' computers for fun, and is "tech support" to all our friends and family. He'll be on his cell phone pacing through the house (he NEVER sits still when he's on the phone, a habit he learned or inherited from his dad, which I think is cute) asking "Did it beep when it started up?" or "Is the light green now, or red?" He just needs to learn some coding stuff. This certification will enable him to be the "computer dude" for any company that would need one, like a hospital, a bank, or even government buildings. He could also work at a retail company that needs computer dudes, like Best Buy in the Geek Squad, and get paid more since he's certified. And there will always be jobs for this anywhere we go.

After that, he's thinking about returning to school to finish the psychology degree he dropped out of three or so years ago. I want him to do whatever will make him happy, although I have to admit that I don't think more school will make him happy. He doesn't like school. He was unhappy the two-ish years he was in college with me. I, personally, love being in school. I love class discussions, I love being on campus among my fellow students, I like chatting with professors. (I like homework somewhat less, but what are you gonna do?) But not everyone's weird like me. Matt's cranky when he's in school.

But, I guess we'll see how everything goes. Maybe he's matured some in the last few years and will be better while in school. I need to stop doubting him and just be supportive, despite what I, personally, think. He's supported me full-steam through various major changes, and I need to return the favour.

Matt might be able to do his certification this spring at our nearby state college, but if not, he can start next fall with me wherever I end up going to school. I really need to start looking into my options for post-baccalaureate certifications, and getting applications sent out. Ughhhh, applications.... and the fees. But it will be worth it! I think I'll be happy teaching high school--I've always wanted to be a teacher and I think I'll be good at it--and who knows, I could go back and get my master's in ten or even twenty years! God has a plan and I'm trusting in Him. This will all work out just fine.

Now it's off to my 7am store meeting! Joy!

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