Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Don't be scared

It's just me! I'm practicing my makeup for my ghost costume on Halloween.


What do you think?


I'm thinking it should be a little darker above my eyes, from about the eyelid crease to the eyebrow, like Edward Scissorhands. Of course my ears will be painted as well, and further down my neck. I'll be wearing this whole outfit to be, specifically, Anne Boleyn's ghost. (I suppose I could be just a random Renaissance lady, or another of Henry's wives, but I think Anne is the most easily recognizable due to the books, tv shows, and movies out recently.)

Any suggestions or tips? Anyone who's done theater makeup, or similar, before? Help welcomed!

Gahhhhhhhh my face is itching already and I can't touch it! How will I stand this for more than 7 hours on Friday? I really hope I win the costume contest at work!


Danielle said...

Did you dust powder over the make-up? That might help with the itching. But I think it looks good!

mikkers said...

I agree. Darker on the eyes because they blend too much into the same shade as your lips are. As for the itching...moisterize well before application?
Great job on the costume! I can't wait to see final photos!

sarahgrace said...

I think it looks really good so far, and I definitely like the idea of darkening the upper lid a bit.

My other suggestion, since I know you don't want to be gory, is to maybe tie a red ribbon around your neck. Kind of like it's holding Anne's head on her neck...

Can't wait to see your pics!