Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Self Esteem (and new tattoo!)

You know how you have those days when you notice every flaw? Every little zit, every piece of hair that sticks up wrong, every bump of fat that shows through your shirt. Ugh.

But then there are days when everything seems to look great, and you feel like a model! I've had a few of the latter recently!

First, I FINALLY got my eyebrows waxed, yay. (No pics of that!)

Then I dyed my hair! I just put bright purple on top of my regular brown. I knew it wouldn't turn out purple since I hadn't bleached my hair first (and I couldn't have a job with purple-purple hair, either) but it did turn my hair almost black, and in the sunlight there's a sheen of purple to it. I love it!

It's getting long, too!

Then yesterday, I got what has to be the prettiest tattoo ever!

Here I am thinking "Ow, ow, ow, are we done yet, please? Ow."

It hurt a lot more than I remembered from my last one! Honestly, it doesn't feel like needles in your skin at all. It feels more like someone's carving into you with a knife! Sort of a little of a burn, too, like a sunburn. And last night after it was done, and today too, it's felt like a really really bad sunburn. (Ibuprophin is helping quite a bit, though.)

Almost done! Just the leaves and colour in the petals to go.

Ta-da! Red and swollen and possibly bleeding a little bit.

The part on the edge of my stomach hurt the worst. Ohhhh man! When he was doing that part, especially near the end when it had already been "carved" on for two hours, I almost could've just got up and said "Okay, I'll come back in a few months for the rest of it, I can't stand it anymore!" But I kept telling myself that it would only hurt (really badly!) for a little while longer, then I never had to go through it again, and it would be sooo pretty when it was done! And I made it. (The part on my side wasn't too bad, and neither was the top part on my ribs--comparatively, at least.)

I like how it goes with my quill and ink pot!

Love the curve of it up my side.

I like how some of the flowers are blowing in the breeze, and that a few petals have fallen off.

Oh oh oh! I love it sooooooooo much! Last night the petals were really red, but it's calmed down to a dark/hot pink now. I love the shading on everything, especially the branches. And it's so great that I can actually see part of this one without twisting around backwards and looking in the mirror!

So today I'm taking pain pills and resting. At least it's on my left side! (I'm right-handed.) Hopefully it won't be too bad when I go to work tomorrow afternoon. And if it is, I can just tell the people I work with that I can't bend too well, and have to go slow if I stock, dust, etc. Other than that, I just have to stand at my register.



Danielle said...

Very pretty! And, holy crap, that's a lot to get done in one go! And it's a lot easier to believe your description of the pain than the, "No, really, it doesn't hurt!" of my much-tattooed former co-workers. =P

sarahgrace said...

Woohoo! Love your hair and your new tattoo! Really like the way it curves around your side there- very pretty, indeed.

mikkers said...

Wow. I totally love your hair! It's something that maybe I'll do too since I have a bit of highlights left over from a year ago. And your tatt is so AWESOME! I am so inspired :).

Jennifer Berry said...
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Jennifer Berry said...

Heather, the new tattoo is beautiful!! I LOVE it!! And your hair looks great too; what a good idea to add it because it is still work appropriate, but has a nice shimmer of purple in the light. :-)

cher said...

It IS beautiful - but, owww! piercing my ears was enough pain for me.