Friday, December 05, 2008

8 Things Friday

1. I feel like such a partier! Rachel from work got dumped by her boyfriend of three years on Tuesday night, so after being miserable at work all day Wednesday (though with a really cute new haircut!) we went to a sports bar-type place with a handful of other work people and drank Woodchuck hard cider and sat around for several hours. It was fun. Tonight, we're going dancing! I've never been out dancing before! All the more dancing I've done is at weddings. So first we're going back to Sports Bar Place for a drink or two, then to a club (do we have "clubs" here? or just bars with dancing?). We're not starting this til 10pm (happy hour! cheap!) and I have no idea when we'll get home. So far I think it's just me, Rachel, and Melony, but I thought there would only be four or five of us on Wednesday, and it ended up being about 12, so we'll see! I'll let you know how it goes.

2. Behold, the Tree of Happiness:


Love love love it! I have tomorrow off, so I'll dig out the box of ornaments then and put them up, while listening to Christmas music, of course. Doesn't it just GLOW?

3. Underneath the tree (with my super-lame makeshift tree skirt: scrap blue cotton) sits my little "herd" of penguins.


Someday I shall have an army of penguin stuffies, mwahahaha! (Thanks again, Aunt Linda, for the newest two. The knit ones are from two different knit swaps.)

4. Watched Nightmare Before Christmas this evening. Love, Actually will probably be watched tomorrow (since I own it) and I think The Holiday is next on the Netflix queue. What are your favourite Christmas movies? And what about movies that aren't about Christmas, per se, but that contain Christmas? I need mooooooore!

5. Aughhhhhhhh what am I doing to do with my hair tonight? I HAD to wash it as soon as I got home from work this afternoon, it was gross. But right after I wash it it's total fluff, and too slick to do much with unless I dampen it and put it all up in braids or buns or something. OY, hair.

6. I was going to show you pictures of the finished cupcake apron.... but the pics are still on my camera, and I don't have time to resize and upload them right now. Soon, soon!

7. I shaved my legs today for the first time in I don't remember when. Sorry, Carrington! :P It wasn't a conscious decision to not shave my legs, I just don't see any reason to when they're covered by long pants/knee socks/tights/long skirts all winter. But I wanted to feel girly and pretty, so zzzzip went the razor!

8. So far I've still been writing one entry per day in Bernice's diary! Not sure how long I can keep it up, but while I have plot and time, I'm going with it. We'll see what happens over Christmas, and when we have company over New Year's, but I'm just taking it one day at a time. Hop on over and read, if you haven't, and weigh in on my poll if you've read at least a little of it. I would much appreciate it!

P.S. Mom, my friend thinks you're cool. (Look at the comments)

P.P.S. Stuff like this reminds me now and then that the whole world doesn't always suck. ♥


carrington schaeffer said...

No problem, Heather Layne!
Sometimes you just gotta shave.
Especially if you are married.

Making Megan said...

Your Christmas tree looks lovely! Ours fell down yesterday. It was kind of the anti-tree of happyness. Sigh