Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Megan and I exchanged gifts the other night:


She got me two novels about knitting, a Pirates of the Caribbean beach towel (with both Jack and Will), and a giant chocolate bar. I made her the scarf she's holding, which is black "poodle fur" on one side and girly pirate cotton on the other. I also got her some tea from my mom's tea shoppe.


Her little sister, Becca, made everyone in the family a cookie with their name on it. I felt so special to be included! :)


And the traditional "Heather and Megan hold the camera out and take a picture" picture.

A couple of Matt's friends are in town for the night (and couldn't go home after dinner as planned because of the 6+ inches of snow!). Rather than brave the scary scary roads (driving home from work was so bad that I made Matt come pick me up), we decided to walk to the end of our street (mayyybe a little over a mile each way) to the sushi restaurant.


A couple of ten-ish year old boys decided to chuck snowballs at us from across the street while their dad shoveled the walk; I think one of them came close to hitting us, and one from "our" side almost hit one of them, but mostly we were just laughing. There was quite a lot of slipping and sliding, some intentional and some not. I was the only one who fell, and that was on the way back. OW! My hip's okay, and luckily nothing in my purse was smooshed or broken, but my elbow's a little sore. Snow may be soft, but the concrete beneath it? Not so much.


Waiting for our table.


Cheeeeeeese! I made my hat from this pattern, though I fiddled some with the sizing, since it's written for a thinner yarn than I had. You can see the ties, but not the big pom-poms on the ends, which I love! Maybe more pics later.

Now I am full and tired, and will hopefully hit the hay pretty soon.

Two more days til Christmas!!!

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Making Megan said...

Love the "hold out the camera and take a picture." It made me smile the whole way down.
I hope you won the snowball fight!
Miss you soooo much! It was really great that I got to see you this last weekend.
Love and happy holidays!