Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Very Important Issues

Since I have a blog, I don't need to make my own decisions anymore. Therefore, I need you all to weigh in on the following two issues:

1. We are eligible for cell phone upgrades in a couple of months, and I kind of think I'd like a Blackberry. I like the idea of having internet anywhere, anytime, as well as GPS (depending on the model I get), a planner, email, instant message, etc. etc. Plus, it's a cool little gadget. So if you have a Blackberry, please tell me how you like it. Is it easy to use? How's the reception? What do you not like about it? (And what model do you have?) If you don't have a Blackberry, do you have feedback from someone you know who does?

2. I have a $15 itunes giftcard, which I got for Christmas. What should I get? Is there an album or artist you think I would love? Or a movie I have to have? What was your favorite album and/or artist of 2008?

Thanks in advance, Dear Readers! Blogger: absolving people of decision-making since 1999!


carrington schaeffer said...


I have a Blackberry Pearl, and I like it. It's got a bit more features than regular phones. The internet is clunky though. It's so frustrating (in my humble opinion) because it takes super long to get anywhere around the internet. You might as well just save yourself the time and trouble and wait till you get home to access the internet. Plus you have to pay extra for the internet package. When S had a Blackberry, he had the internet. I still have my Blackberry, and I don't have internet on mine, so I know that you don't have to have the internet package if you have a Blackberry phone.

But I like it. It's a good phone. Reception is good--but I think that's more up to what cell phone provider you have than the phone. Figuring it out is like anything else. If my parents had it, they would NEVER figure it out, but give our generation a couple of hours, and we've mastered it.

Hope that helps!


Danielle said...

My friend's fiancé has the new touch-screen Blackberry, and I know that he has issues with typing on the screen. But he also has big man hands, so maybe that's why it's a problem and you wouldn't have an issue. If you're looking at that one, I'd definitely try to see if you can get your hands on a real model to test out the typing, though. That's pretty much the only advice I have, though.

Sherry Ficklin said...

I got the new Matt Nathanson album this year, it's amazing!

sarahgrace said...

I have no advice on the Blackberry... (I'd like an iPhone myself...)

However, my fave album purchase this year is Ingrid Michaelson's "Girls and Boys". I'm not sure what kind of music you are into though, so I don't know if it is a good suggestion. She is kind of folksy, singer-songwriter type stuff.

cher said...

There was a time I wanted a blackberry - now I'm not so sure I want to be that available, accesssible or indispensible. Carrie used the word frustrating and that is what I heard from folks with the early blackberries....Whoa, what happened to my spell check????

miss donna said...

I know your Aunt Lori has one. Ask her. K?