Friday, November 07, 2008

8 Things Friday

1. I'm writing this Thursday night and setting it to (hopefully) post on Friday because, like last week, Friday will be too busy to blog. Meeting at 8am, work 9:45-3:45, ZOOM to pick up a prescription before they close, get groceries, and possibly stop by the Goodwill.

2. One thing I want to get at the Goodwill is long-sleeved white shirts. That's the only colour we are allowed to wear under our uniform shirts at work, and it's been freakin cold lately! What's really great (not) is that the front sliding door at work is broken and won't close, and I'm always up at the front of the store, so brrrrrrr! I have one off-white/light oatmeal shirt I've been wearing, but that's not going to cut it for the rest of the winter. Also might look at khaki pants for work, as I only have one pair, and a cute black skirt I almost got a few days ago, but didn't because I didn't have the money. I hope it's still there! Because I know I'll wear it a lot.

3. NaNoWriMo is going quite well! I'm at my word-count goal and then some, and have been all six days I've been doing it. Is anyone reading it? I would love if you'd comment over there, especially if the comment is addressed to Bernice herself, as it's her blog. Her world is a little different from ours, so if you'd like clarification about something she mentions, just ask!

4. I'm on MySpace. *SIGH* Like everyone else on the planet. But I have very little idea how to use it. I don't know how to make my page look pretty like some I've seen, with photos and videos and shiny things. I could probably figure some of it out by poking around, but I just haven't spent the time there. Anyway, if you're on MySpace, I would LOVE for you to add me! It would be tons easier than me searching for everyone I know by their email address (which, by the way, is probably the easiest way to find me there). I ran into an old classmate at the Halloween party and he told me about a short movie he and some friends had made this summer. He said the easiest way to find it was to check his MySpace, so that's what made me finally sign up. (Hey, girls that I graduated with, remember Todd? :) It was nice to see him.)

5. WHY have I got The Leader of the Pack stuck in my head? And the other day I woke up with an old Backstreet Boys song. (No, I won't subject you to a link of that one.) Ugh, strange.

6. CHRISTMAS! The decorations are up in the mall, and Matt claimed they've started the Christmas music too, though I didn't notice it when I was there this evening. Storefronts are full of sweaters and scarves and boots, and adorned with snowflakes and sparkly things! And Matt and I have begun our Christmas gift list. We pretty much have ideas for everyone, now it's just a matter of buying one or two things per paycheck to spread it out a bit. I know we still have to get past Thanksgiving first, but I'm already excited about decorating the house. (If only we could find the missing third of our Christmas tree.... Ack!) Oh, and if you haven't weighed in on the Christmas music poll over in my sidebar, now is the time! I'll take it down on Saturday and put up a new question for the week.

7. I'm having a hard time coming up with eight! Not much has happened this past week besides working, writing the novel, and.... Yup, that's mostly it. Not much craftiness, either. It seems like I'll focus on a big project--like the Ren faire outfits, the wedding shower apron, the Halloween costumes--and then I'll be "crafted out" for a while and I won't do much for a week or two. I'm still knitting a scarf, and need to buy another skein of yarn tomorrow so it's long enough. I also learned another girl at work is pregnant, and want to make her a baby hat. She's only 5 weeks along! LOL But I love knitting baby things.

8. Aha! Eighth thing. Speaking of babies, our church is having an adoption fair this weekend! I don't know if I've mentioned it here before, but what we'd like to do is have our first child, then adopt the second, of the opposite sex. That way we know we'll get one of each, and we'll be helping a child who otherwise wouldn't have had a family. We don't know if we'll adopt from our own state or country, or somewhere far away like Africa or China. We'll go to the Saturday night service to start getting information, as this won't happen for probably 5 more years, but it'll be good to get an overview.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend with at least a little relaxation and enjoyment of the last remnants of the Fall colours--what hasn't been blown off the tree branches, that is!

And now for some "Fall" pictures I took a couple weeks ago and kept not posting:





cher said...

I see by your sidebar you are reading LMA's Long and Fatal Love Chase - so out of character with everything else she wrote (and I have read most) that I think it must have been the piece that caused her cheeks to burn when Professor Bahr denounced the Weekly Volcano.

taillow said...

I finally started a log-in id here so I could comment. I have a MySpace, so you should add me there. Marshall has one too at I don't love MySpace, but I do love the photo album feature. That's why I started it for Mars, his grandparents can go there and view them easily.

taillow said...

Also, I was the one person to vote that it is absolutely never too early to start Christmas music, and I have no idea how to vote on this newest poll, I like them all!!!