Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and Relaxation

Thanksgiving was nice and pretty much stress-free. We met Mom and Dad at one of the fancier hotels in town, where they were having a fabulous buffet. We stuffed ourselves silly, then went home and played Wii Sports Bowling (Mom won, then Dad, then Matt, then me) while snacking a little on a veggie tray, then we watched Wall-E and ate some nachos for a "light" dinner.

Before all that, though, we took some pictures! We all dressed up a little for the buffet lunch, and we were all in one place with no pressing engagements, so we figured why not?


After my parents left at about 6, Matt went straight to bed. We both had to be up by about 3am, and at work by 4:30am on Black Friday. I stayed up til a little after 8, then laid in bed. Then I read for a while. Then I laid there a little longer. Then I got up and put a movie in, and snuggled down on the couch, hoping that would knock me out. Nope. About midnight, Matt came in (he hadn't been able to sleep, either, but for about an hour and a half before I came in) and made me get back in bed, and we finally fell asleep. So for Black Friday, we were both running off about 3 hours of sleep. UGH. We're just used to going to bed so late, we couldn't trick our bodies into being tired earlier!

When we got home Friday afternoon at about 3, we were, of course, exhausted. (Yes, our shifts were that long. So were everyone else's at work that day.) However, there needed to be some "winding down" time, and as my throat was sore from shouting at customers over the general racket (not in anger, just to sell them stuff!), it needed to include tea with honey.

So I decided to make a little Thing of it, and do it right.


I got out my teapot and the cozy I got from a swap, as well as my one super-fancy tea cup. I had a few of the fancy tea cookies, also from a swap, on one of my "nice" dishes, and put everything on the table at the end of the sofa so I wouldn't have to get up even after the tea was done steeping.


Lovely, no?

I watched some of a movie on my laptop with the Netflix "Watch it now" feature where it just plays in a browser window, but about 30 minutes in, I could NOT keep my eyes open, so I lay down on the couch and fell dead asleep for the next four hours. It was glorious.

If I'm still working in retail next Black Friday (and unfortunately, I think I probably will be), I think I'll make this a yearly tradition! It was a nice bit of pampering for myself after a long, hard, crazy-busy day. Sometimes it doesn't take much--the nice dishes, a treat to eat, and a cozy blanket--to make you feel really special.

How was your holiday?


Anonymous said...

That tea looks lovely. So nice that after what had to be a very trying day you were able to have such a lovely "thing".

.....and that is a GREAT pic of you all. Your parents look so young. Well, they are. I keep forgetting how young you are..... you seem so.....worldly :)

cher said...

Very, very wise way to pamper yourself - take care of yourself.

sarahgrace said...

Love the tea idea! Very nice, indeed. Glad you survived Black Friday! Our holiday was very low key and quiet, and we stayed at home on Friday. : )

Kvon said...

LOL! I can never get to sleep early these days! Well, I am glad Black Friday is past. Thanks for stopping into the studio for the photo shoot! I posted a couple of my favorite shots of you and Matt on my blog. I have "shopped" the posted pictures. I can send them to you if you like. Let me know! Lets shoot again!