Saturday, November 08, 2008

Still crying

So our church's adoption "fair" that I mentioned in my last post was tonight, and it was actually more of a message than a fair, though there were booths set up at the back of the sanctuary where you could get information. And it was more of a "help the children" thing than just about orphaned kids, so there were people talking about foster parenting and being mentors as well. They had video clips of a couple of families that had adopted kids, and our pastor talked about the process of adopting their little girl from China.

I was mostly fine until the following song played at the end of one of the video clips (though some of the pictures of the abused kids from meth-addict homes got to me, too):

I'm not gonna watch it again! Or I'll start bawling again. And I don't know if it was specifically written about adoption, but they've been playing part of that song during announcements at church for the last couple of weeks, advertising the "adoption weekend," and every stinking time they'd play it, I would tear up.

Well, after hearing all these stories and seeing all these pictures tonight, I about lost it. Matt kept teasing me and being silly to get me to stop, but when someone draws attention to the fact that I'm crying, it only makes it worse. And I cried most of the way home, and I have to concentrate on not crying now. I'm like a leaky faucet.

But this is really touching my heart! I've always had a heart for kids, and have always babysat and worked in church nurseries because I love little kids. I'm so glad that Matt is with me on this, and was even the one to bring it up in the first place a couple of months ago. On the drive home tonight, Matt was even talking about adopting two kids, though if that's in addition to our own biological child, I'm not sure. I do really want to have at least on of my own children, so I guess we'll just see how it goes with our life situation in a few years, and financial things, and if we have a house, etc. etc. But dang, after tonight, I want to adopt ten kids RIGHTNOW! There are such terrible injustices happening. It's not fair to these children who can't do anything about it! And it breaks my heart.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind and heart right now. I got a bunch of pamphlets and will be looking up the websites for info, but not tonight, lest I cry myself into a puddle. Be praying for and thinking of Matt and I in this, if you would (as well as the other church families who have been moved to adopt). It's several years off, still, but it is definitely in our future.


Rodney said...

Whatever you do, Do not download the song by Michael McLean – “From God's Arms to My Arms to Yours” You will not stop crying for a another day.

Heather In Progress said...

Thanks for the warning, Rodney! Although now I'm curious.... Maybe I'll look it up in a few days when last night isn't so vivid.

Another one they played at the end of service was "When Love Takes You In" by Steven Curtis Chapman. *Sniff*

sarahgrace said...

I think that is awesome that you have such a heart for kids, and especially adopting them. I pray that in the future God will open up all the doors you need so you are able to do that!