Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween 2008

Here they are, the long-awaited costume pictures! (Okay, two days. Whatever.)


This is the only decent picture I got of this costume, which I wore to work on Halloween. I was already running late, and Matt is rarely a patient photographer, so all the other ones turned out blurry. I would've done it with the self-timer, but I think that would've taken longer, waiting ten seconds for each picture, then running over and hitting the button again to get a few different poses. So this is it. Scary, no? I had a couple of people I worked with, when they came through my line to get a soda, or when I said hi to them on my way through the store, say that I looked really scary. One guy shuddered, and the other said I was "creepy." Sweet! I've never been something scary for Halloween, so I'm glad it was a success.

Sarah, I wish I'd seen your suggestion for a red ribbon around my neck in time! What a great idea! Not too gory, but suggestive of getting one's head chopped off. Next time I'm the ghost of a decapitated person, I'll be sure to do that. ;)

And onto the costumes for the party at night!


Here I am as Bernice Greenwater. I made the skirt and the waistcoat, as well as the goggles, bag, and holster; the shirt is from a boutique in a mall far away, the boots from Wal-Mart a few years ago, and the awesome gun is from a Swap-Bot swap. My partner painted a squirt gun from the dollar store to look like metal--very steampunk indeed!


Closer-up of the gun and goggles. (I'm not that thrilled with how the goggles came out--they're rather messy--but I got a couple of compliments on them at the party, so yay. As long as you don't look too long or too closely at them, they're all right.)


Trying to be tough and blow the smoke from my gun, but smiling.


There's Mom as Cruella deVille! She didn't even get coloured hair spray all over my bathroom! (The fur coat was loaned from Grandma, she's had it forever. Mmmmmm so nice.)


She used the same hair spray on her poor Chihuahua, Cait, to make her look like a dalmatian. Cait did not go to the party, though, she would've been too stressed out.

YAY HALLOWEEN! What shall I be next year? :D


Making Megan said...

Heather, you look sooooo scary as Anne Bolyen!!! It turned out perfect! Did you have a red line? I didn't see.
You looked super duper sexy as your heroine. . . your mom makes the perfect Cruela D'ville! (No offense.) The chwawa (I know thats not how you spell it.) looks uber scared too!

Linda said...

Your mom can't even choose a Halloween character without her mother's influence!!!!  As in CruELA!!  Sorry, it's late for me and I'm just that kooky.

sarahgrace said...

Ha ha! Those are some GREAT costumes! I love it when people go all out to the last detail with Halloween costumes! Very cool!

(Sorry to be commenting so late, I've been so busy, I'm just now getting around to it!)