Friday, November 14, 2008

Quick Poll

8 Things Friday will be coming shortly, this time with pictures!

First, though: I got a new coat today, this one from Target. The question is, what colour scarf should I (eventually) knit to go with it? I have a cream one and a black one that will work for now, but I'm thinking stripes... So name two or three colours that would go with that, and that would look good striped together, to get me started thinking about yarn choices! (For my knitter friends, if you have a specific self-striping yarn in mind, you could mention that, too.) Thanks!


Jennifer Berry said...

I love the coat! I wish I could start wearing coats and jackets... it is still in the high 70's to low 80's here! Too hot... So, after looking at the jacket I was thinking maybe a combination of different shades of grays and blues might look nice together with the jacket. Almost any color could work though depending on the pants/shirt/shoes that are matched. Hope this helps. Show pictures of what you make!:-)

cher said...

Ya wanna just borrow the scarf Andrea made me last year? And then you could loan me the whole outfit sometimes.

sarahgrace said...

That is a super cute coat!
I have really been loving the combo of navy and turquoise lately, or maybe even a bright fuschia would really pop with that navy... I don't know- I'm liking bright colors right now. Super cute though!

Heather In Progress said...

I was thinking something like silver/navy or silver/charcoal/navy, but Sarah, I like your idea of bright colours, too. After Christmas, when there's nothing in winter to look forward to anymore, I am totally drawn to bright colours. Since I won't be able to start this scarf until after Christmas, I might be in that mindset at that point. Fushia and navy! Wheee!

frankcheez said...

Maybe dark green and cream, or dark green and grey. Or even maroon and grey. Or go brighter with rusty orange and dark red. ?

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