Thursday, November 20, 2008

8 Things Friday

I have six pictures, can those count as six things? Yes, today I think they can. Too tired and brain-dead to write much, especially after the awesome write-in tonight.


My littlest cousin, Caden, a.k.a. the cutest baby in the whoooole world, in the hat I knit him.


With his grandpa, my Uncle Burl.


Nature centerpiece. I found these GREAT pinecones on my walk, the usual route. I might go back and get some more and spray paint them silver for Christmas decorations!




Tiny Christmas ornament #1: Hat


Tiny Christmas ornament #2: Mitten. This didn't turn out so great, so I might stick to hats and maybe little sweaters, if that attempt doesn't bomb.

7. Wrote 2,700ish words in about an hour and a half at the NaNoWriMo write-in tonight! And then my hands almost fell off. I'm practically at my word count goal for tomorrow! Although there's a lot of stuff I have to cover tomorrow in story-time, so I can't just slack off and only write a few hundred words. Oh well. And then Saturday after the 6am store meeting, I'm going to a coffee shop to write for a couple hours, since I'll already be up and out early. Hopefully I can continue to come up with plot (or at least backstory that can be explained, LOL) for the next few days!

8. After the meeting on Saturday, I have the rest of that day off, then all of Sunday and all of Monday. Ahhhhhh, it's going to be SO nice.

GOODNIGHT! *Falls over*


Jenny said...

The hat (and model baby) is adorable!

I LOVE your story!! Please wrap it up and dont' just leave me hanging..... I have really enjoyed reading every single day and will be bummed when the month is over. You have made it this far and you simply MUST finish!!

Cheering you on!!

(By the way, yesterday's entry, with the description of Jack's reluctance to bask in the fake glow of adulation was .....chilling. VERY very well written.. I don't think most people ever think about war, no matter when it was, that way.

I think you're an excellent writer. Kudos!

Heather In Progress said...

Awww, thank you so much, Jen! It really means a lot to hear that a "real person" (i.e. not my relatives who have to say they like it) is enjoying my story! I'm so glad you've been reading and enjoying this month. And actually, depending on where the story stands at the end of November, I'd like to still update her blog a couple times a week, though in what format, I'm not sure. (Keep your eyes out for a poll there after November.) Thank you thank you!

sarahgrace said...

That hat and baby are adorable! Eeeee! So are the cute little Christmas tree ornaments! How do you have time to do ALL the many things you do? Wow, no wonder you're falling over. :)

Heather In Progress said...

That's funny, Sarah, I sometimes wonder the same thing about you! Being a mom, making pottery, grocery shopping, cooking, skateboarding, taking pictures.... I guess we just *make* time to do the things we like, sometimes at the cost of sleep!

(And thanks!)