Thursday, November 20, 2008


I don't waaaaaaaanna go to work! As you may have noticed from the fact that I haven't posted for a week, I've been busy! Little time to post, and very little other than work going on, so not much to blog about. I did go on a nice walk the other day, and gathered up nature stuff to make a little centerpiece for the table, which I'll show you soon, probably tomorrow. And I attempted some little knit Christmas tree ornaments which I think turned out kind of cute.

The novel is going well, though the last few days have been a struggle. I'm almost to the point where I'm running out of plot! Which is actually not too bad, as I thought it would only last two weeks, tops, and here we are almost at the end of week three, but still. What will I do with Bernice for seven more days?? Hopefully the next few days of writing will help me figure it out.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is only a week away! And that Black Friday is a week and a day away! Aughhh! It's going to be INSANE at work that day, but exciting, I think. My shift is 4:30am-3:00pm. Oy. But everyone in the whole store has shifts like that.

Okay, I guess I better pack my lunch and get dressed. *Sigh* See you tomorrow for 8 Things Friday, and hopefully some pics!


Ann Hartter said...

I promise, cross my heart, not to shop on Black Friday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gooshhhhh!!! You are working an 11 hour day!!! CRAZY!!! I would whine too if I were you. Great job on your novel! :)

sarahgrace said...

Yikes! 4:30? !!! Omigoodness... well, at least the tryptophan (sp?) from the turkey will help you get a good rest. :)