Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Free stuff!

I know, I know, it's not past Thanksgiving yet, when it's "acceptable" to start doing Christmas, but dang it! Thanksgiving is so late this year! I've been restraining myself from wearing my Christmas socks and earrings for a week, and I finally caved and started listening to Christmas music on my ipod today.

In that vein, a friend turned me on to eight free Christmas songs at Oprah's website. They're only available for the next 48 hours, though! (And I'm not sure when that 48 hours started...) So grab them fast! Easy downloading instructions are on the website.

Know what else is free? My poll! Come on, now, I know more than 6 people read this blog. I don't flatter myself that much more than 6 people are reading, but it's got to be at least some more. And if you're worried that I can see what you vote, I can't. It doesn't log names or even IP addresses or anything. So please go and let me know if you're reading about Bernice's Grand Adventures! Then at the end of the month, make sure you take the poll I'll put up on her site about how I should continue the story. Thank you thank you!

Happy Thanksgiving to all, tomorrow. Even if you're somewhere that doesn't celebrate American Thanksgiving, think for a minute about what you're thankful for, and then give the people you love a hug.


Anonymous said...

Hey :) happy thanksgiving to you the hubby too!!

I read your blog and Bernice's on my google reader so it might show up differently.... but I am reading every day and am so happy that 'she' didn't take the day off today!

Have a great day!
Have a great long weekend.... how much of it is off or you.

Anonymous said...

How often can I vote?