Thursday, August 07, 2008

100 Jam-packed Story Sentences: 76-100

76. The pen scratched satisfyingly over the paper, leaving thin lines of ink in its wake, but when I lifted my pen to dip into the inkwell.... the scratching continued from somewhere else in the house.
77. "That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life," Sarah said. "I have to have it."
78. We didn't think to put the fire out before taking prom photos in front of the fireplace; therefore, I have a small, black-edged burn hole in the back of my dress from a popping bit of sap.
79. Every room of my house has a different bird theme for the decor: the kitchen is flamingos, the bathroom is penguins, the living room is parrots, and the bedroom is hummingbirds.
80. You could always tell a gift from Angie; amongst the pink and yellow outfits, the little white onesies and rattles and stuffed toys, was a tiny black t-shirt with a hot pink, glittery skull and crossbones on it.
81. The dragon lay dead before him, blood oozing around the sword driven deep through its eye. My father was avenged.
82. "The flux capacitator's totally blown," Eric said, peering into the inner workings of the laptop, and the elderly couple believed him completely.
83. The best apple pie I have ever tasted was in a little roadside diner off Route 66, and it was made by a lady in her eighties named Rosie Jean Walker.
84. Mother warned me about will-o-the-wisps, so when I saw the glowing, bobbing white light off to my right, I just continued on through the swamp, squishing with every step.
85. That teapot was in my family for five generations, including me, before I knocked it off the edge of the table, causing it to shatter into a thousand pink and white shards.
86. "Give me your hand!" Elana screamed, but just as Ilias' fingertips brushed hers, the shark sunk its teeth into his calf and ripped him away from her, back into the ocean's depths.
87. If we hadn't stopped for groceries, we would've got home in time to stop the fire before it spread.
88. The fact that Samantha politely got up and moved to a different chair after my mother informed her that she was sitting in Sadie's chair--Sadie their Boston terrier--made me want to marry her all the more.
89. In one corner of my room, the paint bubbled up from the wall, mint-green blisters that had hardened years ago; the other kids told me it was the ghost of a child, shut up within the wall and left to die, trying to escape, but I didn't believe them until the night I heard the eerie moaning.
90. The sand felt like powdered sugar beneath my toes, and the waves tickling around my ankles were the perfect temperature. This was heaven.
91. "If you want to live through the next twenty-four hours," the stranger said, pushing a manila envelope into my hands, "go somewhere you can be alone and read this." Then he disappeared.
92. After it was done, I threw the dagger down the privy hole, washed my hands in the basin in my room, and threw my bloody clothes in the fire.
93. "I still think it was too easy," he whispered, pushing the door open as I tucked the lock pick tools back into my bag.
94. I knew I was really an adult when grandma stopped keeping candy in the jar by the front door for me.
95. I thought I would just lie down for a minute, just one blissful minute of rest, but once I was on the snow-packed ground with the wind gusting over me, I drifted away and knew nothing until I woke up in the hospital days later.
96. "Goodbye, Jonah." With those two words, I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders; I was free!
97. I had to pretend to be happy when I heard the news: Alice was "finally" pregnant after four months of trying, while I'd been trying for three years with no results.
98. Shauna was too white for dreadlocks, but she didn't seem to know that.
99. My sister fainted when she watched me get my tetanus shot; luckily she was still unconscious when the nurse administered hers.
100. "I forgive you," I whispered, then scattered the petals onto the lake's surface and watched them drift slowly away.

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