Monday, August 04, 2008

Long Post is Long

The title is a reference to this, in case you haven't seen it. (Though the original long cat is here.)

So, the Renaissance Festival!

When we first arrived, we got the Pictures Of The Costumes out of the way.

Ack, eyes closed!


And the back of the gown.

I made all the clothes in those photos except for Megan's shirt. :D


Megan got thrown in the stocks.


I said hi to a really really old pirate. (I hadn't seen this shop before, the Pearl's Revenge, so it's new as of 3 years ago, tops. They had a lot of really fabulous pirate coats, and some lovely dresses, too! Along with other, sillier costume pieces.)


Mathew found a hat just like one his character on EverQuest II had, which Liz and Jamie, who both used to play EQ2 with him, thought was hilarious.


Megan and Liz got Henna tattoos.

Jamie, Matt, kitty, Thomas/Eric, Liz

After the faire, Megan went home, Thomas/Eric came over, and we ate delicious lasagna (thanks again, Liz!) and played Munchkin Fu!

Liz and Jamie have baby kitties.


This is Tickles


This is Taffer


This is Taffer from below. Cats are weird.

We had an awesome photoshoot at writers' group today, and I've started world-building for a new story! More on both those subjects tomorrow. Goodnight!


Danielle said...

Your dress looks sooooo good!! You should be so proud of yourself!

And, yes, cats are weird.

mikkers said...

Wow! Your dress is awesome!! It must have felt really awesome to walk around all day in such a gorgeous piece of craftwork!

Heather In Progress said...

Thanks so much, Danielle and Mikkers! I do love my dress, and I loved wearing it all day. I even had one older couple say "You look awesome!" as I passed them in a shop. :) I'm probably going to take the sleeves off, hem it a bit more so I don't have to wear it with the bum roll, and just wear it... around! :)

missdonnastea said...

Wow, you look so awesome, it's a wonder that the king didn't grab you for one of his queen's "ladies in waiting". We all know the real reason for those!

I wanted to see Meggan's tattoo!

Matt is getting some serious whiskers. Avast! Did he buy that hat? He doesn't look too tough with the kitties, though. (Hee hee).

Heather In Progress said...

MissDonna'sTea (a.k.a. Mom): Thank you! :) And ewwww, King Henry!

I don't think I have a picture of Megan's finished tattoo! :( It was a nifty-looking butterfly with a heart in the middle.

Noooo, Mathew did not buy that hat. It was over $100. We just thought it was funny that it was so like the one on EQ2. He *did* find a jacket he liked, though, and wants me to make him one similar to it. IF HE'LL WEAR IT! *Sigh*