Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Dames d'Plume Dress-up Day


Don't we look fabulous? A is in her "Dickens Caroler" outfit, Carrington borrowed some Ren faire clothes from me (and felt very peasant-y), A is in her medieval/Ren faire outfit again, and there's my Turdor gown once more. Thanks to C's wonderful son and A's wonderful brother for taking these photos of us before writers' group! The rest of the set is found here.

(Dames: If you don't see a picture you remember taking, it's because it was either blurry, or someone looked weird. I thought I would save you the embarrassment of such pictures being shared on the wide wide internet.)

1 comment:

einefeistyberg said...

I applaud your fine discretionary decision. I do not like to look wide; I mean weird.