Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm not wide awake, but I need to wind down a bit before I get into bed, or else I'll just lie there for an hour staring at the dark. So here's another episode of Heather's Random Thoughts!

1. I'm reading the webcomic Girl Genius from the beginning, and I really like it. It's steampunk-y, which is fabulous of course. The costumes are fun, as are all the "clanks," i.e. mechanical robots. At times it gets very old-school comic book, with the characters saying their thoughts aloud so the reader knows what's going on. There are a few silly gags, too, but it's really intriguing, this world the creator(s?) has built. But he/she doesn't just come out and say "These are the bad guys, these are the good guys. Root for these guys, boo at these ones." Everything is grey, though some things (and people) are more clearly black or white in terms of morality. And everything from the politics to the history to the geography to the characters is so complex! I can't wait to see where the story goes!

2. I haven't sewn a thing since finishing my Ren faire dress! I did this last fall, too, with my Regency day dress. I got the pattern I think five days before the party I wanted to wear it to (a tea party, which I hosted), and sewed like the wind to get it done (barely) in time! Then for a couple of weeks after that, I could hardly look at my sewing machine. It's not that I don't like sewing right now, it's just that I don't feel excited about it at the moment. I really should make some fabric shopping bags like I've been meaning to, though. Something easy and quick to ease me back into things. I've yet to decide whether my next big project should be a cotton vintage shirtdress, while it's still warm enough to wear it, or something steampunk.

3. I still have that free movie ticket! Who wants to see Mama Mia! with me? I have tomorrow (Wednesday) and Friday off. Next week I'll be out of town Monday and Tuesday (I'm so sorry I'll miss our last Dames d'Plume group before A goes back to college!) but I think my other day off that week is... Friday? I'll check. Call me!

4. Forgive me if I've whined about this already, but this is what my Saturday looks like:
8-9am: New-hire meeting - 30 day evaluation
9:30am-1pm: Work
1pm-2pm: Running home, changing, gathering up shower stuff, and dashing to Megan's mom's house
2pm: Megan's bridal shower
Yeah, that'll be a fun day. Hopefully I'll be done with everything by about 4 or 4:30 and can come home and crash for the rest of the night.

5. I'm really having fun building the world my new novel is set in. Steampunk-ness, a family who lives on a train, a boarding school, magic, rebellion, class issues, and fun Victorian-sounding names! I sat and drank coffee at the bread place (you get a free slice of fresh bread whenever you come in! (Don't listen, Carrington)) for about two hours on Monday while scribbling away in my notebook. I really should take a picture of that, I love it so much! I almost want to go back to Borders and get another one. It was only $2.50! Hard-bound, spiral binding, thick, brown, paper-bag-like pages. And gears and swirls on the covers!

6. If any of you like Metallica, here are three videos of my cousin playing some of their songs on his guitar. He's really quite good!

7. I've decided to do my best to stop caring what other people think of me when I dress "weird." This was brought about by messing around in my closet and my costume bag, finding bits and pieces for steampunk outfits. I tried on some of it the other day and thought it looked pretty wicked, but debated with myself about wearing it out. Well, I didn't have anywhere to go that day, so I put my PJs back on and hung all the stuff in the closet, but honestly, why should I care what other people think about my clothes if it makes me happy to wear it? No, you don't generally see a girl in a long skirt and high-necked blouse under a lace-up black suede bustier, especially around here, but oh well! I think it looks nifty, and different, and old-fashioned, and fun, gosh darnit! So from now until I decide otherwise, I'm not buying anything new unless (a) it's an unbelievable bargain (like $5 or less) and I love it a lot, (b) it's a really cute Isaac Mizrahi (LOVE HIM) dress from Target, and is hugely on sale, or (c) I have to have it for work, or to replace something I truly need and cannot make (socks, underwear, a good pair of jeans, and the like) . I'm going to make all my clothes, or get them second-hand, or modify what I already have.

7a. I love love love the Wardrobe Remix people. And now I've decided I would very much like some plaid tights.

8. I want another tattoo, but I'm not sure of what, or where to put it. More on this story as it develops.

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